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3rd Annual Ol Front Porch Music Fest
Sunshine. Strings. Smiles.
October 24, 2016
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front porch music fest 2016
Carmonas on the Rose family’s porch facing the Neuse River. The banner announced next year’s OFPMF.

Chief organizers, Dottie Osmun and Leslie Kellenberger were elated with the day.

The Ol’ Front Porch Music Festival wishes to thank all for the magnificent job that was done to produce such an awesome festival! Not only did our workers pull together to orchestrate such a meaningful day for all in attendance, but all the residents of Oriental helped as well. I saw many frantically cleaning up from Hurricane Matthew so their yards would look lovely for Festival Saturday! People were raking leaves, planting mums, putting out pumpkins so all would look like autumn! The saying, “It takes a village,” was indeed true. Thank you one and all!

I’d also like to express my deep appreciation to all the groups and solo performers who participated in our 3rd annual festival, as well as the hundreds of fans who came to our small village for a day of fantastic music and fun. We love you! We hope to see you next year when the festival occurs a week earlier – Oct. 6-7, 2017.

front porch music fest 2016
Honey Magpie on the deck at the Inn at Oriental that made a great stage to watch the Chapel Hill band. (Photo: Dori Arrington)
front porch music fest 2016
Greens Creek Bluegrass – Ernest Dunn, Ken Belangia and Becky Ackiss – has played at the OFPMF since its start. Decades earlier they played on the “original” porch of the Ol’ Store owned by Ken and Ernest’s in-laws, Billy and Lucille Truitt.
front porch music fest 2016
Fiddler from Chapel Hill’s Honey Magpie. The group played at the Inn at Oriental. (Photo: Dori Arrington)
front porch music fest 2016
The Gospel Ensemble, made up of singers from several Oriental churches, got together for the festival. From left: Yvonne Jones, Betty Gibbs, Robert Green, Gregory Green, Darryl Gibbs, Stacy Gibbs, and Derwood Bryant. Delcine Gibbs, Kathy Mozelle and Katie Green were also part of the group.

Listen to The Gospel Ensemble:

front porch music fest 2016
Keyboardist Katie Green of The Gospel Ensemble.

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Posted Monday October 24, 2016 by Melinda Penkava

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