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A Bear on Hodges
Chainsaw artist
July 17, 2020

owntown Oriental has a new artist. In the last week of April, Roger Cordes began with a hug block of wood (and a chainsaw). A man in coveralls holds a chainsaw. Next to him is a half-carved tree stump the height of his shoulder. A rough bear shape is carved into the stump.
A bear begins – Roger and his unfinished carving.

Roger said the stump (pre-carving) weighed around 400 pounds before his first cut.

Several months later, the finished project stands beneath a tree outside the Cordes’ home and place of business, Oriental Dental.

Close-up picture of a carved bear's head and shoulders. The wooden bear is stained and sealed against the weather.
Stained and sealed against the weather, the finished product looks out onto Hodges Street.

Roger has fielded a few commission requests, but isn’t ready to sell his work. But he is ready for a new challenge. And one bear wasn’t enough. Roger is at work on his second bear carving. This one will be bigger – the stump weighs in around 600 pounds.

The finished bear carving stands upright on a stump, two paws close to the front of its body, looking straight out at the street.
The finished full view.

Posted Friday July 17, 2020 by Allison DeWeese

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