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A Walk on Styrontown Beach
What the high water left behind
September 23, 2020

ust over the bridge from Oriental is Styrontown Beach. Ben Casey went for a walk with his camera to see what recent high waters – a result of several days’ worth of northeast winds – had left behind.

red fern leaf on beach sand with half-buried maple leaf nearby
Leaves in the sand.
barefoot woman walking the shore between standing dead trees
Several dead trees line the shore.
roots of an upright dead tree in the sandwater damage at the base of a treedead exposed tree roots with much of the bark washed away
green vines sprouting in the middle of rocks
Vines sprout between weathered rocks.
a pair of old sunglasses with turtleshell frames resting on driftwood
A pair of old sunglasses left behind.
an osprey flies above dead tree branchesa look up a tall dead tree trunk with few branches leftbent piece of driftwood sticking up out of the sand
the weathered hollow of a dead tree on the beach
close-up of blue and black barnacles on driftwood
vertical wood patterns in the bark of driftwooda green plant with a single stem growing out of the hollow of a dead treedriftwood with several large knots stuck in the sand

Photos by Ben Casey.

Posted Wednesday September 23, 2020 by Allison DeWeese

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