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The Classic Car Poker Run
Driving for charity
October 26, 2020

hen the Rotary Club’s annual Classic Car Show had to be cancelled, a new event was created: combine the classic cars (and any others that wanted to play) with a poker run. The idea worked. Saturday, October 24, saw the first annual Classic Car Poker Run in Pamlico County.

Players registered their poker hand (and cars) at Minnesott Beach Golf and Country Club and received the first card in their hand. The Run’s route took them to Bojangles, Lupton’s Electronics, River Dunes, and ended at Lou Mac Park in Oriental. The winner of the Poker Run would get half the registration fees.

A yellow vehicle with the top down is parked on the street in front of the water.
The winner drove this yellow ’73 Mercury Cougar.

Event Organizer Sam Myers called out the possible winning poker hands – from a pair up to a full house – whittling the crowd down to two competing hands. Jennifer Lawrence, driving the ’73 Mercury Cougar, won the pot with three kings and a pair of sevens.

She immediately told Myers she would donate the money back to the Rotary Club.

A blonde woman in glasses and sun visor holds 5 cards showing a winning poker hand.
Jennifer Lawrence shows off her winning hand.

Between the registration fees, sponsorships and donations, Sam Myers said the Poker Run made some money for the Rotary Club’s charitable missions:

Thanks to Jennifer Lawrence handing back her winnings of $412, Oriental Rotary netted some $2,000 for End Polio Now.  And the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation will match that amount.  

Many thanks to all the Poker Run entrants and sponsors, to TownDock.net and to the hard-working Rotary members.  From all indications the Classic Car Poker Run will probably become an annual event.  Stay well and tuned.

Two men ride in a green vehicle. The top is down and the driver waves a black-gloved hand at the camera.Side view of a parked beige Citroen from the '80s.Front view of a green Citroen, with driver and passenger.
An MG and two Citroen 2CVs (or deux, deux chevaux).
Several red cards are face down on a table. A hand reaches into the frame to pick one up.
A player picks up the next card for their hand.
Sunlight reflects off the yellow paint of a Volkswagen Beetle parked in the grass near the water.A white haired man drives a red corvette.A man in a baseball hat and wearing a four point harness seat belt drives an olive drab green jeep with open top and sides.
Beetles, ‘Vettes, and Jeeps mixed with older classics and modern rides.
An older man with white hair, wearing sunglasses and a purple shirt, displays his incomplete, but losing hand: a 10, a 2, a 3, and a 6.
Jack Coulter shows off his not-so-winning hand. One more card didn’t make a difference.
A matte black pickup truck has metal grates on the side of the engine compartment in the shape of a spider web with a large spider resting on the web.A wooden trunk with the word FORD on it rides over the back chrome bumper of an antique red and black Ford coupe.A black spare tire cover with a hand-drawn depiction of a jeep riding over rocks. It says, 'Life is too short to drive boring cars'
Interesting vehicles, and the reason for them.

One more look – a video of the Poker Run start:

Posted Monday October 26, 2020 by Allison DeWeese

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