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Croaker Festival 2017
37th Annual Croakerfest
July 4, 2017
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ach and Ben Bruno shared the title of Croakerfest Parade Grand Marshal. The sons of commercial fisherman Keith Bruno, they fit the theme of this year’s Croaker Festival: Celebrating Our Fishing Heritage.

Croakerfest 2017
Parade Grand Marshals Zach and Ben Bruno.

The parade was full of boats and fish of varying sizes, as well as fishermen and fisherwomen. The titular Croaker adorned both floats and heads.

Croakerfest 2017
Parade watchers wait in the shade. (Photo: Dori Arrington)
Croakerfest 2017
This junk rigged float actually dismasted early in the parade… yet it rolled onward.
Croakerfest 2017
The elusive Croaker hat on the right. Jester on the left.
Croakerfest 2017
A young parade participant waves to the crowds.

Though rain threatened, the festival went on. The Croakerfest Regatta took place in the river as crowds strolled along South Avenue. They lined up to eat the festival fare while watching the sailors try and outmaneuver each other.

Croakerfest 2017
Sunfish on the Neuse – they raced in the Croakerfest Regatta.
Croakerfest 2017
Festival food, anyone?
Croakerfest 2017
Garbology making the rounds.

Crowds gathered in the Oriental Harbor Marina to watch the fireworks. Though the bridge was closed for the event, it proved to be an excellent launching platform.

Croakerfest 2017
Notice of bridge closing…
Croakerfest 2017
…reason for bridge closing.

(Click on images to see them bigger and to start slideshow. Thanks to Dori Arrington and Paul Welles for their contributing photographs.)

The winners of the 2017 baking contest:
Cheesecake: Nicole Avery (Pecan Pie Cheesecake)
Pie: Sarah Winfrey (Vinegar Pie)
Sweet Bread: Nicole Avery (Lemon Blueberry Bread)
Cake: Mack Avery (Heritage Apricot Cake)
Bars: Charlene Morris (Lemon Bars)

Best Blueberry Pie: Victoria Sylvester
Cookies: Madylin Holliday
Cake: Cole Schlueter
Pie: Lucy Poe
Bread: Allie Burroughs

Croakerfest Regatta Results
There were three classes of sailboats in the Croakerfest Regatta:
FJ Class:
1st Madison Scott, Caroline James
2nd Nicole Edwards, Charles Johnson
3rd Craig Martien, Milo Chung
4th Steven Morrisroe, Cope Smith
5th Alexis Edwards, Hajo Sonders
6th Don Munn, Ben Munn
7th Virginia Grey Newton, Allie Graw Frank
8th James Johnson, Thomas Newton
9th Dana Magliola, McKenna Marquart
10th Davis Smith, Kathryn Lucas
11th Henry Parker, Nick Porter
DNF Tyrese Branch, Brian Herbert

Sunfish Class:
1st George Midyette
2nd Ken (Turtle) Midyette
3rd Frank Patch
4th Joe Grimm
5th Matt Grimsley
6th Jackie Bond
7th Don Distefano
8th Leo Fleury, Parker Tolbert
9th Kevin McNamara
10th Jackson Donaldson
11th Todd Cox

Opti Class:
1st Trey Medlin
2nd Wyatt Pliace
3rd Rhonin Pliace
4th Donald Campbell
5th Aidan Pliace
6th Kishan Virby

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Posted Tuesday July 4, 2017 by Allison DeWeese

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