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Cycle NC Spring Weekend 2011
975 Cyclists Come To Town And Pedal Beyond
April 12, 2011
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Abayomi Hakim and his son, Shea, get back on to the route after pausing to take in the view — and some photos — near Dawson’s Creek Friday. They were visiting from Raleigh. Abayomi said he’d not heard of Oriental before coming to town for the weekend of cycling.

These five cyclists said that the flat lands of Pamlico County compared favorably with the mountains back home in Sparta, NC. From left to right: Stewart Royall, Leigh Kostoryz, Brian Shaw, Teresa and Dennis Durham.

Ed and Sue Brignole of Allentown, PA pedaled 50 miles on Friday. As Sue signalled later on the Lou Mac pier, all of the route was flat. The Brignoles said they wanted to return to Oriental later. (The white tent behind them on South Avenue was set up for the Saturday night shrimp dinner.)
Inside the big tent on Saturday night, as more than 700 cyclists tuck in to a shrimp dinner.
The Rotary shrimp dinner drew interest not only from the cyclists but from the seagulls just off shore.
No kickstands needed as bikes (and cyclists) take a rest. This was at the Bethany Christian Church stop in Arapahoe.
Leslie Wilson-Surma, of Oriental, at right, and some visiting cyclists.

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Posted Tuesday April 12, 2011 by Melinda Penkava

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