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Dragon's Breath Regatta 2021
ODC's annual hot air event
July 14, 2021

ifteen vessels competed in the the 2021 Dragon’s Breath Regatta during the second weekend in July. Despite the hosting sailing club having ‘dinghy’ in their name (the Oriental Dinghy Club did the honors), this annual regatta is for boats 20 feet and longer.

Bodacious shows off her bottom paint while fighting for 1st position at the start.
A PHRF race, each vessel is given a handicap based on the speed potential of each vessel. Theoretically, it allows boats disparate in size and speed to compete with each other on an even field.

Racing on the first day started slow. With calm wind, vessels gathered at the starting line to wait for the wind to pick up. When it finally did – all the way up to 20 mph at some times – the boats were off. The three Spinnaker divisions ran one course, with a couple of races each day. The Cruising class ran a different, longer course with one race a day.

Good Trouble in the lead with Mighty Fine at their starboard and Water Phantom not far behind.

Etchells were the most popular vessel – there were four participating. The Etchells Oriental Express helmed by Henry Frazer won the Spinnaker division.

Other first place winners were the J34C, Bodacious in the Spinnaker Jam A Division, the Nonsuch 30 Il Gatto in the Spinnaker Jam B Division, and the Morgan Out Island 41 Gypsies in the Cruising Division.

Crew and families (totaling 70 people) enjoy dinner on the lawn of the Oriental Marina Inn, catered by the Toucan Grill.

On Saturday, around 70 people – crews and family – enjoyed a dinner catered by the Toucan. Diners were treated to Chicken breast or shredded jerk style chicken, black beans and yellow rice, Caribbean potato skins, and desert.

The ODC’s next event is the Charity Dinghy Poker Run, July 24.

Etchells and a J/boat sailing on the Neuse.
Spinnaker Jam A Division
• 1st Bodacious, J34C, helmed by Steve Peters
• 2nd Water Phantom, C&C 35, helmed by Charlie Nelson
• 3rd Mighty Fine 2.0, Beneteau 423, helmed by Arch Altman

Spinnaker Jam B Division
• 1st Il Gatto, Nonsuch 30, helmed by Joe Valinoti
• 2nd Duende, Catalina 30, helmed by Don Munn
• 3rd Silent Pursuit, Pearson 30, helmed by David Whitney
• 4th Good Trouble, Seidelmann 25, helmed by Ben Popkin
• 5th Cracker Jack, Catalina 30, helmed by Lester Hancock

Spinnaker Division
• 1st Oriental Express, Etchells, helmed by Henry Frazer
• 2nd Heartbeat, Etchells, helmed by Bob Slook
• 3rd Loon, Etchells, helmed by Todd Cox
• 4th Woof, J22, helmed by John Barnard
• 5th September Morn, Etchells, helmed by Joe Mattea

Cruising Division
• 1st Gypsies, Morgan Out Island 41, helmed by Dan Stahn
• 2nd Legend, Tartan 34C, helmed by Chaz Coats

Crew of Duende look down at their crew mate Christel Monmoine, swimming (and taking photos) in the water.
Just off the starting line and maneuvering for first place.
Alan Backus, PRO of the regatta, on the committee boat.
Jam A, Jam B, and Spinnaker division winners (clockwise): crews of Bodacious, Il Gatto, and Oriental Express.
Board Members of the Oriental Dinghy Club and Alan Backus, PRO of the regatta.

Photos by Christel Monmoine.

Posted Wednesday July 14, 2021 by Allison DeWeese

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