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Full House Wins Again
2nd Annual Classic Car Poker Run
April 12, 2021

hirty-two intrepid souls in 27 vehicles (and two motorcycles) braved a forecast that had suggested rain (there was none) and participated in the 2nd Annual Classic Car Poker Run on Saturday. Antique, classic, and modern vehicles toured Pamlico County to collect a 5 card hand of poker.

A matte black Chevy with a matte silver grill drives down the parking lot lane.
A ’46 Chevy Pickup is one of the first vehicles to arrive at the run.
A matte black Chevy with a matte silver grill drives down the parking lot lane.
One of two 2020 Chevrolet Corvettes that participated in the run.

Vehicles lined up in the parking lot at the Minnesott Beach Golf and Country Club at 8:30a and collected the first card.

Two vehicles, a jewel tone blue pickup and a bright yellow sedan, back up side-by-side into parking spots in a parking lot.
A ’53 Chevy Pickup and a ’73 Mercury Cougar practice synchronized reversing.

At 9a, they were off to collect the rest of their poker hand at the Pamlico Visitors Center in Grantsboro, Squidder’s Supply Store in Vandemere, and The Chapel at River Dunes.

Three decades of styles, clockwise from the top: 70s era Triumph, 60s Mustang, 80s Citroen.

Ending at Lou Mac Park in Oriental, drivers collected their last card. Rotarians had food and music at the park for drivers, while they waited for the last car to arrive.

Two large silver cook pots sit on a camp stove. A bearded man wearing a blue apron and hat that both say 'Rotary' stands near by with his arms crossed.
Rotarians keep a close watch on the Brunswick Stew.

Their participation benefitted the charitable missions of the Oriental Rotary Club, granting them a chance to win half the total collected registration fees or $412.50.

A few of the finer details, clockwise from top: Mustang leather work, MGA light covers, and a Mercedes Benz headlight wiper for those rainy days and nights.

In 2020, Jennifer Lawrence (driving a yellow ’73 Mercury Cougar) won the run with a full house. She donated her winnings back to the Rotary Club.

She did it again this year. Again with a full house. And again donating her winnings back to the club.

A blond woman in a blue shirt holds five cards showing a winning hand, three sixes and a pair of twos. Her face shows surprise - mouth open and eyes wide.
Jennifer Lawrence wins for the second year in a row, both times with a full house.
Two hands of cards of 5 cards each. Both show a full house. The winning background hand, from 2020 is three kings and a pair of 7s. The winning foreground hand from 2021 is three 6s and a pair of 2s.
Jennifer’s winning hand from 2021 overlaid with her winning hand from 2020.

At the end of the day, the Rotary Club raised $1,662.88 for the club, its scholarships, and missions. Next year’s Classic Car Show Poker Run is in April 2022.

Drivers tried to dust away the pollen, but it kept coming back. It didn’t detract from the cars themselves. Clockwise from top: ’56 Jaguar XK 140, ’67 MGA, ’14 Porsche Boxster S

All vehicles are welcome, regardless of age or number of tires.

An aqua-green and cream colored motorcycle sits in a parking lot. A black helmet rests on the brown leather seat. Brown leather fringe decorates it and the leather saddle bags.
Not all vehicles rode in on on four wheels. A 2015 Indian Chief motorcycle.
A 2014 Porsche Boxster S was one of several cars present that were made int he last decade.
Clockwise from top: ’56 Jaguar XK140, ’95 Mercedes Benz SL320, ’62 MGA.
Purple, red, black, blue, and yellow vehicles are backed in against the guard rail near the river. The sky is bright blue with some white clouds. People wander between the cars, looking into some of them.
A few participants at the end of the tour on South Ave at Lou Mac Park.
The back end of a yellow 1973 Mercury Cougar with chrome and red taillights and a license plate that reads JUDE.
The winning ’73 Mercury Cougar drives away.

Posted Monday April 12, 2021 by Allison DeWeese

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