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Golden Leaf Funds Approved For Oriental Road Repairs
Private grant monies provide flexibility
June 5, 2020

olden Leaf Foundation awarded with a $916,406 grant in August 2018. The money was for Whittaker Point restoration. Recently the town asked for some leeway on how the funds were to be used, to allow for road repair following the restoration of Whitaker Point.

Sunrise highlights the eroded point.
This week the foundation agreed to the request. From Town Manager Diane Miller:
The Golden Leaf Foundation, our very first funding partner for the Whittaker Point project, has agreed to our request to move funding previously designated for construction on the project to road repair following the completion of the project.

Implications: In securing additional construction funds, the remainder of the construction is funded from a different source (USDA/ NRCS-EWP) (NC Dept of Agriculture and Consumer Services- Emergency Watershed Protection), allowing us to move previously designated construction funds to the repair of the road following completion of the project. The road was significantly impacted following Hurricane Florence by the traffic and hauling during the debris removal phase. The additional impact by continuous trucking of granite to the Point for the restoration is slowly breaking the failing road into complete disrepair. While we currently hold the $206,000 in reserve Powell funding, this repaving would wipe that out, and allow no other paving for some time. With this movement of funds, we can potentially do additional repaving with the reserved funds, in addition to the repair for White Farm as many roads in town suffered from the inundation and pressure during and after Florence..

The Town is grateful to the Golden Leaf Foundation for their flexibility as different collateral impacts appear and must be addressed through the project.

Whittaker Point restoration is now underway. Trucks have been bringing in granite.

Whittaker Point may appear to have two spellings – Whittaker Point and Whittaker Pointe. ‘Whittaker Point’ is the area that is being restored. ‘Whittaker Pointe’ is the name given to the adjoining residential development and marina.

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Posted Friday June 5, 2020 by Keith N. Smith

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