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High Water Comes, Again
PIctorial: A Changed Low Lying Landscape
September 25, 2014
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irst There’s no precise log of how often Oriental’s harbor waters spilled over in to Hodges Street in 2014, but it seems more than in earlier years.

It’s not the rains, which this year weremore than usual, driving this flooding. Rather, it’s the recurring north winds which push the Pamlico Sound’s waters down in to this southern end at the Neuse River.

high water sept 2014
Once again, flooding on Hodges Street. This was the scene midmorning Wednesday.

With no where to go but up the creeks, the water floods Hodges and the nearby low-lying land. It’s become so commonplace, that we almost are used to it. Still, it does change the streetscape and landscape. Some photos on the most recent flooding, Wednesday, September 24.

high water sept 2014
Too wet even for snails. The creatures climbed up to higher ground provided by grasses near the Wildlife ramp at the end of Midyette Street. .
high water sept 2014
Lowes truck. High water.
high water sept 2014
Tied up to the wharf near the Town Dock, Stan Farar said Wednesday morning that his sailboat Sophia had never before been rocked by “the wake from cars and trucks.”
high water sept 2014
The view from The Bean, across Hodges Street.

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Posted Thursday September 25, 2014 by Melinda Penkava

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