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Home Sales Become A Trip To The Super Bowl
Century 21 Awards Sail/Loft Realty Tickets To The Big Game
February 5, 2020

ales competitions work by offering a carrot; a valued reward worth working for. And real estate brand Century 21 had quite the carrot: tickets, lodging and airfare to Super Bowl LIV.

A competition, modeled on a fantasy football league, had 2,200 offices Century 21 divided into conferences and divisions, and vying for the prize.

On Friday, January 17, President and Chief Executive Officer of Century 21, Mike Miedler, sat down to make a phone call. He was dialing area code 252, calling Suzanne and Larry Gwaltney, owners and brokers of Sail/Loft Realty.

They were going to the Big Game.

Sail/Loft Realty goes to the Super Bowl
The Sail/Loft Office at the Miami Super Bowl. Left to right: Suzanne and Larry Gwaltney, Janice Joyner Cox, and Karen Thomas.

Oriental’s local Century 21 office had won the nationwide contest. Suzanne and Larry, along with brokers Janice Joyner Cox and Karen Thomas, were off to Miami to attend Super Bowl LIV.

Sail/Loft Realty goes to the Super Bowl
The tickets.

The contest tasked offices with delivering “extraordinary experiences for their consumers” and “giving 121%.” The Sail/Loft office in Oriental won based on percentage of office growth, average number of listings per agent, and customer surveys.

The Sail/Loft team flew to Miami Saturday, and returned Monday afternoon.

Sail/Loft Realty goes to the Super Bowl
The view from above.
Sail/Loft Realty goes to the Super Bowl
The halftime show.

Posted Wednesday February 5, 2020 by Allison DeWeese

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