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In Honor & Memory 2020
From the Tree of Names and Lights
January 4, 2021

uring the last month of the year, a tree goes up in Lou Mac Park. Lights and handmade ornaments decorate the tree. Made to resemble candles, each ornament has a name and a red or green bow. Red honors the living, green is in memory of the dead.

It is the Tree of Names and Lights, an Oriental tradition. Anyone can get a loved ones’ name – two or four legged – added to the tree for a donation of $5. Every year, a different organization or charity receives the money. In 2020, it was Station 19, the Southeastern Pamlico Volunteer Fire Department.

In a park at night, a crowd stands around a lit Christmas tree. Beneath the tree is a firefighter, reflective coat toward the camera, connecting the lights to power.
Firefighter Drew Cox connects the power during the lighting ceremony for the Tree of Names and Lights as the crowd looks on.

Grace Evans, organizer and co-creator of the candle ornaments, collected the donations:

“The Tree raised $1605 for the Southeast Pamlico Volunteer Fire Department and EMS, Inc. in thanks for the many services and protection they provide. It also gave an opportunity to remember and thank those near and dear to us in bright lights.”

Ornaments not collected from the tree by friends and family will be kept by Grace until the coming year.

These are the names on this year’s tree. Pets are in quotes. Numbers indicate more than one person requested the name:

Anne McLaurin
Grace Evans
Anne & Ben Sims
Marjorie Dufek
Delcine Gibbs
Homer Walden
Greg & Dottie Gallagher
Anne Evans
Darrell & Bettie Gibbs
Dick & Joan Lilley
Steve & Fran Hunter
Dick & Dottie Osmun
Jackie & Faye Mason
Billy Flockhart (2)
Dr. Sherrie Hicks
Sandra Helen Brown
Elizabeth Ann Brown
Julianne Smith
A.J. Smith
Adam Smith
Sean Smith
Bella Smith
Orion Smith
Alexis Filecco
Katalina D’Alessandro
Heidi LeLaider
Guy LeLaider
Mike Hutchins
Habitat for Humanity of Pamlico County
Hope Clinic
The Oriental Rotary Club
Lisa Bennett & the County Board of Elections
“Paisley” ’18 –
The Blankenbecklers
Michael Guzzo (Fire Chief)
Melinda Penkava
Leslie Kellenberger
Berkley Hill
Jimmy Kellenberger
Marsha Palpham
Loved Ones
Eric Kindle
All My Guardian Angels
Dan Gilbert
Lynne Gilbert
David & Joanna
Andrew & Molly

Shirley Brown
Marty Korn
Captain Larry Walker
Leslie B. Evans, Sr.
David S. Evans (2)
Ted Mead (2)
Elizabeth Hodges
C. W. Hodges
Jim Bunn
Jack C. Higgs
Fonnie E. Higgs
Thomas A. Myatt, Sr.
Peggy King Myatt
Craige A. Cordell
Dave Brown
Sheila Brown
Christopher Griffin
Connie E. Schmidt
Ray Creech
Joan Thompson
Kevin Thompson
Harold Bauldauf
Lloyd Kepp
Mary Kepp
Alvin Vieselmeyer
Katherine Vieselmeyer
Tom and Anne Smith
Raleigh Wynne
Michael Sutton
Bill Jones
Col. & Mrs. Harry Wynne
John Liskowacki
Edward Yanchok
Howard Schnorrbusch
Roy Loftus
Sadie Gibbs
Gertrude Green
Thomas Green
Julia Cannon
Robert A. (Bob) Culbertson, Jr.
Florence S. Mitchell
Brandon Raper
Roger Wormell
Daniel Mussen
Roger Hammer
George Hurley
Carl Baxley (2)
Betsy West
Anita Miller
Phil Miller
Lois Brown
Bill Boone
Sam Myers Sr.
Chef Bob Miller
“Basil Fawlty” Myers
“Sirius” ’78-‘93
“Lt. Worf” ’93-“02
“Luckner” ’04-‘17
“Dooley” ’12-‘18
Mama Lu
Susie Polk
Bill Creel
Louise W. Shinn
Gerald H. Shinn
Charles Heath, Sr.
Barbara Heath
Dan O’Neill
Jim Fontaine
Jim & Glen
Jim Pfahler
Jimmy Paplham
Chris Daly
Johnny McLean
John Babits
Kathy Harris
Junius Andrews
Anne Paige Prince
Johnny Norris
Richard Payne
Marlene Miller (2)
Zoonie (Elbert)
G. M. Anderson
Anita Cook
Jeffrey Chappell
Wendy Chappell Farnsworth
Ellie Chappell
Larry Clardy
Judi Heit
Dot Dunford
Doris Pershall
Shari Smith
Gene Ott
Ray VanHook
Dot VanHook
Flay Hyatt Family
Steve Serjeant
Mary Ferris
Mark Laser
William Wiley Brown
Robert Francis Brown
Bob Leal
Bob Deaton
Lacy & Jackie Stallings
Melisa J. Powers-Oliver
Jane R. Warnock
Ernest E. Warnock
Pauline LeLaider
Joseph LeLaider
Hector Diaz Aleman
Barry Beauchamp
William A. Graf
William E. Graf
Mary Kay Johnson
Lavelle Rose Cooper
Donald Eugene Cooper
Dave Batchelor
Eddie Kaplan
Jennifer Kaplan Bianchetti
Warren Bruce

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Posted Monday January 4, 2021 by Allison DeWeese

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