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In Matthew's Wake
After The Winds And Rain
October 9, 2016

matthew after
Some boats also went over. This one found ultimate instability in a Midyette Street yard. (Photo: Mike Beagle)
matthew after
Another view of tree down at Schoolhouse Condos. (Photo: Lucy Athey)
matthew after
Roots of cedar tree downed near Janiero Rd.
matthew after
Many trees that uprooted appeared to have shallow roots anchoring them. As was the case at Doug Sligh and Mary Ann Parham’s yard…
matthew after
….and home. (Photos: Doug Sligh)
matthew after
On Straight Road’s curve at Orchard Creek, a tall pine splintered. (Photo: Gary Mastrodonato)

Posted Sunday October 9, 2016 by Melinda Penkava

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