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Irene At Vandemere and B&B Yachts
A Camp Is Swamped, A Yacht Builder Cleans Up And Continues
September 7, 2011
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Graham’s other workshop, where water also got in. While not enough to float the boats, it did damage the lower-lying saw that cuts wood for Graham Byrnes’ boat kits.

In an adjacent workshop, where a saw cuts pieces of wood for Graham’s mail-order boat kits, the waters got in to the electronics that were on the floor.

Underwater in Irene: the electronics for the saw. He’s working on getting it up and running again.
Not so well to weather, right now. . Pre-Irene, he stored his own boat, a Southern Skimmer that he designed and built, on a trailer in a side boat shed off of his bigger workshop. The centerboard’s proximity to muddy ground complicates righting it. Graham says he’ll use some come-alongs to set things right.
Graham Byrnes and one of the wave-piercing bulb bows of the 45-foot power catamaran that he’s worked on for the past year. Built to do 25 knots, it got an early sea trial in Irene. As for a launch date, he says he’s “hoping to catch the ‘Irene’ of next year.”
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Posted Wednesday September 7, 2011 by Melinda Penkava

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