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Just Another Day In Oriental
Pirates, music, a wedding, life
September 5, 2022

n the water, by the pier, or walking down the street – a lot can happen in Oriental in one day.

Saturday, September 4 was the annual Pirate Jam – an on-the-water concert of Teach’s Point. There was also a wedding in town and an Artists’ Reception.

A lot goes on down by the river near sunset. ‘The River Rats’ hang out and have an open chair for anyone who walks by.

Between these events, there were the usual happenings in an Oriental day: boating, fishing, people enjoying the water and the parks. TownDock’s photographer caught just a few things that can happen in a day in Oriental.

Behind ‘The River Rats’, fishermen cast lines from the pier while a newly married couple pose for photos.
Ken Belangia motors by, with an inventive use for a patio umbrella. The skiff was hand-built by Heber Guthrie.
One of the September Artists of the Month – John Groesser – paints on the porch of the Village Gallery during the monthly Artists’ Reception.
Pamlico Arts Pirate Jam. Listeners paddle, power, or float their way to Teach’s Point to hear the on-the-water concert.
There was more than one way to enjoy concert – in the water, in a donut, or near a giant rubber duck.
MV Pretty Lady heads to the concert.
The Southern Hellcats played from the land while concert goers enjoyed the water.
Hunky Dory carries the owners of Village Bicycle Repair away from town.
One enthusiastic listener.

Posted Monday September 5, 2022 by Allison DeWeese

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