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Light Up Oriental
Contest brightens up Oriental's nights
December 11, 2020

here’s a new addition to the Spirit of Christmas that helps brighten up Oriental’s nights: the Light Up Oriental decorating contest.

This was the first year residents and businesses of Oriental were challenged to decorate their homes for the season. The rules were easy: have the decorations up by Monday afternoon, December 7.

Town Commissioners David White, Charlie Overcash, Allen Price, Dianne Simmons, and Martin Barrow acted as judges. They had three nights to make their choices. There were 2 winners each (one resident, one business) in six categories.

The prize, unknown until the awards ceremony, was a drawing from local artist Laura Turgeon:

drawing of a dragon holding a candle walking down a road lined with luminaria
The Light Up Oriental prize, drawn by local artist Laura Turgeon. Each winner will receive a copy.

There was an honorary mention for the category of “What is that?” Commissioner David White nominated the fishing trawlers that light up Oriental’s harbor most every evening, providing a year round display of lights.

This year’s winners are:

Most Whimsical: Mary Ellen Ham
Most Lighting: Wilma Kennedy
Most Animated: Carla Fisher
Most Nautical: Dan & Leslie Allen
Most Traditional: Claudine Fields
What The Heck Is That: Cheryl Thompson

Most Whimsical: Oriental Village Veterinary
Most Lighting: Oriental Deli
Most Animated: Village Hardware
Most Nautical: Brantley’s
Most Traditional: Mariner Realty
What The Heck Is That: Provision Company

Organizer Marsha Paplham said Light Up Oriental will become an annual Spirit of Christmas competition.

Lights on a storage shed.a peace sign lights up the back of the storage shed
Winner for Most Lights Residence: Wilma Kennedy at on Water Street between Hodges and Main Streets..
A light display of a dog mailing a letter that says 'Joy'The red brick vet's office covered in lights.a small light-up black and white dog wears a red scarf
Winner for Most Whimsical Business: Oriental Village Veterinary Hospital at 407 Broad St.
colored lights decorate two sailboats in the yard - one red and one green.'A lit wreath above the garage, and candles in the window.A house with some lights, and two decorated and lit sailboats on the side.
Winner for Most Nautical Residence: Dan & Leslie Allen on Neuse Dr by the waterfront
Two rings of lights decorate a darkened dragon painting on the side of a lit retail store. The front has a few strands of lights tracing the large window frames.
Winner for What the Heck is That? Business: The Inland Waterway Provision Company at 305 Hodges St.
A lit tree sits on a porch decoratedw ith lights and oversized red and white ornaments'Lights rings the porch while a lit tree sits up in the windows of the second floor and also on the porchside view of the porch tree
Winner for Most Traditional Residence: Claudine Fields at Broad and Church Streets.
Two lit trees in the front of Village Hardware; one along the road and one at the building.
Winner for Most Animated Business: Village Hardware at 804 Broad St.
An animatronic Santa smiles.An animatronic Santa sits on a fishing boat full of presents, casting a line of lights for more presents.A raised cottage with white lights and a fishing Santa in the front yard
Winner for Most Animated Residence: Carla and Pat Fisher on Water St. by Oriental Harbor Marina.
Singing snowmenAn animatronic Santa sits on a fishing boat full of presents, casting a line of lights for more presents.lights wrap around the trees and posts near the sign
Winner for Most Nautical Business: Brantley’s Village Restaurant at 900 Broad.
A two story house with red and blue lights, nut crackers, lit deer, and a movie of Santa on the second floor balconyA flexible screen shows a projection of Santa looking over the balconytwo deer lit with white lights
Winner for What the Heck is That? Residence: Cheryl Thompson at Neuse and First Streets.
Two lit trees in the front of Village Hardware; one along the road and one at the building.
Winner for the Most Lights Business: The Oriental Deli at 807 Broad St.
two wooden deer stand one either side of a small Christmas Tree. The word JOY in red is in the background Lights decorate the Ham yard from one side to the othera life-size Grinch cutout stands next to a Christmas tree
Winner for Most Whimsical Residence: Mary Ellen Ham at S. Water and Main Streets.
Santa waves from a pile of lit presentsa single reindeer lit by white lights stands in the yard.lights, a reindeer and an animatronic present decorate the outside of a realty company
Winner for Most Traditional Business: Mariner Realty at 704 Broad St.

Posted Friday December 11, 2020 by Allison DeWeese

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