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Music in the Creeks
Pirate Jam returns
September 30, 2020

mith and Greens Creeks was once again filled with music. The Pirate Jam – a musical experience born from a pandemic – returned last weekend.

The Pamlico Arts Council helped orchestrate the event where bands play from the land at Teachs Point to a floating audience. Brant Island Strings, the Big Jim Kohler Band, newly formed band The Southern Hellcats and more played Sunday afternoon to an audience that floated, sailed, motored, swam, and paddled by.

A small yellow rubber duck floats near a large red and white boat.An orange electric guitar rests on top of a guitar case that is decorated with stickers.Two women sit back to back in a power boat. One has on a pirate costume and the other a pirate hat. Both smile at the camera.
Scenes from Pirate Jam 1.9.
Two women paddle by the stage on floats. One float is a giant yellow rubber duck and the other is a purple dragon.
Paddling by; audience members employed various kinds of vessels to attend the Pirate Jam.
A man playing upright bass sings into a microphone. In the background, framed between him and the mic, the guitarist sings at the mic.
Phillip Alcock and Chris Daniels of the Southern Hellcats at the mic.
A man standing in a power boat waves at the camera. Another man, wearing a hat, and a woman are sitting in the stern. The woman gives the thumbs up sign.
Eric Kindle, Commissioner Charlie Overcash and Sigrid Overcash.
Two young women wave from two small sailboats. A young man lounges near by.
Relaxing between music sets.
Several people, some dressed as pirates, sit on a boat made look like a tiki bar.
Members of the Pamlico Arts Council listen from the Tiki Boat.
A large man wearing black clothes and a black hit sits at a microphone outside, playing a guitar and singing.A man with a gray beard and glasses plays a bass guitar.A close up of Big Jim Kohler's tattooed hands playing his guitar.
The Big Jim Kohler Band.
Two boats are rafted together, the crews of each talking with each other.
an elderly woman sitting in a power boat, wearing a face shield and pirate hat, and smiling
Nonagenarian Fay Bond wears her face shield and pirate hat while watching the bands.
A woman in a bikini smiles as she paddles a float shaped like a dragon.
Oriental’s mascot was in attendance.
A man playing a guitar at a mic. The photo is from behind and his face is turned an in profile. In front of him, the water and several boats in the distance.
Chris Daniels on guitar.
A woman and man sit in a folding boat, smiling.
Demonstrating the bouyancy of a Porta-Bote.
A bearded man with long hair wears black sunglasses and a red shirt with black stripes. He is playing an upright bass and looking away from the crowd and the instrument.a man wearing glasses sings into a microphone. There is a guitar strap with flames over his shoulder.A man with long, gray hair tied back in a low ponytail is wearing glasses and a tie-dye shirt while sitting at a drum kit. His head is lowered and he's smiling.
The members of new rockabilly band Southern Hellcats.
The silhouette of a tadpole decorates the windvane of a green boat.
SV Pollywog with an appropriate windvane.
A man in a white shirt and straw hat and sunglasses stands in waist-deep water, holding a beer.
Not all audience members watched from a floating craft.
two young boys in swim trunks stand on the deck of a yellow boat after swimming in the river.
Audience members, after a dip in the river.
a flag with a parrot and pineapple drink reading 'It's 5 o'clock somewhere' above a burgee with the Pirate Jam 1.9 logo.
Flying high above the tiki boat.

Posted Wednesday September 30, 2020 by Allison DeWeese

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