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Old Sails Turned Into Sea Bags
Recycle a sail, help create young sailors
December 15, 2017

well-traveled sail can be repaired only so much. Chafing, pulled stitching, wear and tear can render them unfit for use. What to do with an old sail?

The crew at Bow to Stern have a solution. You can drop off your old sails, or call Jim to have them picked up. Your old sails can be remade, resold, and go to a good cause: repairing and building up the Bow to Stern fleet for their summer programs.

Bow to Stern Sea Bags
Sails are recycled into Sea Bags, for sale at Bow to Stern.
Jim Edwards, owner of Bow to Stern, recently cleaned out his sail loft, sending his old stock to SeaBags.com. The Maine company cut them into custom designed totes, overnight duffel bags, and weekender bags. The first batch just came back and Jim is selling them, at 50% less than SeaBags.com, in time for the gift-giving season.

The logos of the Laser and 420 feature heavily in the first run. Anchors, stars, paw prints, and a compass rose adorn the first totes. In full disclosure, this TownDock.net writer has custom ordered a duffel bag with an octopus to be delivered with the next batch. Jim is happy to custom order your bag if you prefer a different design or bag style.

Bow to Stern Sea Bags
The Laser logo shows the wear of its former life.
Bow to Stern Sea Bags
A 420 mini duffel bag.

Proceeds from the sale of the Sea Bags go back into the fleet. The Laser hulls need a little work. March will see four weeks of sailing college kids in Oriental and they’ve requested a few more keel boats. Jim is looking to provide with some J24s. The J24s could also be used for PHRF racing throughout the summer and hopes to have enough boats between his fleet and those in the town to have a few one-design races.

Bow to Stern Sea Bags
The star tote, with blue rope handle.

If you would like to donate your sail, buy a bag, or custom order call Bow to Stern at 252-474-6000. More designs will be coming soon.

The totes (small) sell for $150 at Sea Bags. Bow to Stern – just $75.
The overnight (medium) go for $195 at Sea Bags, but Jim has them priced at $97.50.
The weekender (large) is set at $265 at Sea bags. You can have one that has sailed the Neuse for $132.50.

Bow to Stern Sea Bags
What other bag has a reef point?
Bow to Stern Sea Bags
The classic anchor.

Call Jim at Bow To Stern for more info, 252-474-6000.

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Posted Friday December 15, 2017 by Allison DeWeese

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