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Oriental Dragon Run 2009
Dragon keeps teeth
January 2, 2010
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riental’s dragon took its New Year’s Eve saunter Thursday night. He came out just once, took a longer walk than usual, and went home with all his (her?) teeth.

The dragon passes between The Bean and the Oriental star. Hundreds were on hand to greet the dragon. Photo credit: Per Erichsen

The dragon appeared for a single run this year. He passed through the streets at 8p but not later, as has been the case in recent years.

The dragon’s head. The dragon, which began its New Years Eve runs in the mid-1960’s, can now lay claim to running in Oriental’s New Years in six different decades.

In another change, the dragon traveled a route more than twice as long as before. However, only a handful greeted the dragon as it traveled down the extended path, on Water and New Streets. Most of the dragon’s hundreds of spectators thronged the usual Hodges Street route, pressing in to get a good-luck touch.

The dragon makes his way through the crowd.

The dragon showed off its recent dental repairs — necessitated after several teeth were yanked in the 2008 dragon run. He got through this New Years run with all of his teeth intact.

Teeth from the dragon’s left side.
Teeth from dragon’s right side. </div More photos of the dragon and those who came out to welcome him, follow:
Some came in kimonos and other attire befitting a Chinese dragon.
Dragon run organizer Perry Cheatham checks the dragon’s mouth.

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Posted Saturday January 2, 2010 by Melinda Penkava

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