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Paint Chip Pollution
Red paint swirls in the harbor
February 15, 2022

aturday, February 12 was sunny & warm with temps near 70. Folks were enjoying the outdoors, with more than a few tourists visiting the harbor.

The harbor, however, had a different look. The waters were covered in red paint chips & dust. It started in the morning, and looked like this:

Click photos for larger view.

Top photos show the paint in the harbor, seen from the sidewalk by the harbor. Bottom left is a closer view of the mostly red and some white paint chips. Bottom right is what appeared to be the source – a crew had been grinding paint from the bow of the fishing trawler “Chastity Brooke.”

Oriental Police Officer Nic Blaney was informed, who contacted Point Pride Seafood owner Chris Fulcher mid-morning Saturday. Officer Blaney told TownDock that Fulcher stated it would cease, and they would clean up the harbor.

However, that afternoon new paint debris was spotted on the harbor. TownDock took a look, and found a crew grinding on “Chastity Brooke” just after 2p Saturday. Video:

There did not appear to be any attempt to contain the paint debris falling into the harbor. You can see a worker using a hose, appearing to attempt to get the debris to sink.

Officer Blaney has contacted NC Hazardous Waste Management, who has also provided the information to NC DEQ (Dept of Environmental Quality). TownDock is inquiring as to what the state may do.

Posted Tuesday February 15, 2022 by Allison DeWeese

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