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Pamlico County Vaccine Shipments Delayed
Winter Weather Elsewhere Stops Shipments
February 19, 2021

he winter storms that have hit much of the United States have played havoc with shipping. Unfortunately, that includes the shipment of COVID vaccine to Pamlico County.

This is an update from the Pamlico County Health Dept as of February 19:

Because of severe winter weather throughout the country and its effect on transportation, Pamlico County Health Department (PCHD) did not receive vaccines doses for the week of February 15, 2021. PCHD was supposed to receive 400 1st doses and 200 2nd doses of Moderna vaccine and none of this supply was delivered. Vaccine providers throughout North Carolina have reported similar issues.

Current supplies have been depleted as of February 19, 2021. The health department is expecting vaccine next week; however, this depends on state supplies and the return of normal shipping operations.

vaccine delayed

Currently the health department is not making any appointments until new vaccine supplies are delivered. At that time, the health department will resume contacting individuals to make appointments for their vaccine doses. The health department says they expect supplies to return to normal within the next two weeks.

2,608 people in Pamlico County have been vaccinated with the first dose and 1044 with both doses as of Friday, February 19.

20.49% of Pamlico County has now had the 1st dose, 8.20% both doses.

Posted Friday February 19, 2021 by Keith N. Smith

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