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PAWS Pet Parade 2015
Tenth Annual Celebration
April 30, 2015
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he 10th Annual PAWS Pet Parade drew about 40 dogs and their owners to LouMac Park on Saturday April 25. It was a fundraiser for Pamlico Animal Welfare Society.

Some scenes from the event and that dynamic of dogs and their people:

paws pet parade 2015
Emmie and Caroline James with their dog, Puck. They won in the most lookalike category in a Midsummer Night’s Dream theme. (Puck’s longer name is Robin Goodfellow.)
paws pet parade 2015
Per Erichsen was master of ceremonies and announced the winners from atop a picnic table in LouMac Park, with librarian and judge Kat Clowers handing out the awards. Carol Small and her dog Bonnie took the Best Oriental Dragon theme.
paws pet parade 2015
While bi-ped judges were assessing the various dogs, the canines themselves were taking their own measure. Here Freckles, the baseball dog sniffs out Clarence, who was labelled “The Blended Terrier.” Ed Braun was mum on what went in to that blend.
paws pet parade 2015
Role reversal. Dorothy Dimond and her dog Skye, who came to the parade as a veterinarian. For Skye, it wasn’t too much of a stretch. Dr. Dimond says Skye has always thought that patients who came to her clinic were coming to see Skye. The team took Best in Show.
paws pet parade 2015
Though about a decade apart in age and not quite the same mix, Jennifer Smart’s dogs Popeye and Ollie came as an almost matching set of bookends. They won for Most Unusual
paws pet parade 2015
Jonny Quest and Bandit — according to blue tape each wore on Saturday — aka Neil Landon and his dog, Sailor, curbside after the parade. They went as characters from the vintage TV show which Neil is a fan of .

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Posted Thursday April 30, 2015 by Melinda Penkava

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