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PAWS Pet Parade 2016
49 Dogs Hit The Streets
April 19, 2016
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paws and about that many human feet paraded in the PAWS Pet Parade Saturday. That’s a 22.5% increase over the number of dogs on parade last year.

Dogs, for the most part, patiently indulged their humans‘┬ápenchant for dressing them in outfits not conducive to normal dog activities. The event is a fundraiser for the Pamlico Animal Welfare Society, (PAWS). TownDock.net was there:

Batman, the parade’s Grand Marshal, led the way for the parade to begin.
As the festivities were beginning to take shape, Susan Werner, who performed at the Old Theater Thursday and Friday evenings, dropped by on her way to the airport to wish Betsy Quitkin and Rika good luck. Rika, a Labradoodle, was born in the United Kingdom.
Marguerite Garrett’s “Bert” was outfitted as the Energizer Bunny. He is still going, after all those 15+ years.
Banjo, a dawg from the New Leash on Life Program, was accompanied by his humans, the Kaplans. The human status was in question for one of the Kaplans. Banjo took top honors in the category, “OMG, what can you say?”
Oriental’s First Dog “Bogey” was accompanied by the town’s mayor, Sally Belangia. She reported that Bogey may assume duties as Sergeant in Arms at Town Meetings.
This is Cody, 16 and 1/2, a world traveler, originally a native of the District of Columbia. A Pomeranian Spitz, his advancing years have left him somewhat visually impaired. He had a ride during the parade, thanks to his human, Ginger Barnett.

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Posted Tuesday April 19, 2016 by Ben Casey

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