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PAWS Pet Parade 2016
49 Dogs Hit The Streets
April 19, 2016

paws and about that many human feet paraded in the PAWS Pet Parade Saturday. That’s a 22.5% increase over the number of dogs on parade last year.

Dogs, for the most part, patiently indulged their humans’ penchant for dressing them in outfits not conducive to normal dog activities. The event is a fundraiser for the Pamlico Animal Welfare Society, (PAWS). TownDock.net was there:

Batman, the parade’s Grand Marshal, led the way for the parade to begin.
As the festivities were beginning to take shape, Susan Werner, who performed at the Old Theater Thursday and Friday evenings, dropped by on her way to the airport to wish Betsy Quitkin and Rika good luck. Rika, a Labradoodle, was born in the United Kingdom.
Marguerite Garrett’s “Bert” was outfitted as the Energizer Bunny. He is still going, after all those 15+ years.
Banjo, a dawg from the New Leash on Life Program, was accompanied by his humans, the Kaplans. The human status was in question for one of the Kaplans. Banjo took top honors in the category, “OMG, what can you say?”
Oriental’s First Dog “Bogey” was accompanied by the town’s mayor, Sally Belangia. She reported that Bogey may assume duties as Sergeant in Arms at Town Meetings.
This is Cody, 16 and 1/2, a world traveler, originally a native of the District of Columbia. A Pomeranian Spitz, his advancing years have left him somewhat visually impaired. He had a ride during the parade, thanks to his human, Ginger Barnett.


A shepherd, aided by a wolf dressed in sheep’s clothing. Sheep Freddy impressed the judges and his human, Madelyn Sutter.
As the parade entries were lining up, Leslie Corrithea held Maximilian while he shot a selfie. Allegedly, Max is from Tijuana and is known as a “bad” dog who likes to party.
Timid at first, the canines adjusted to the constant applause of the spectators.
“I was promised my favorite treats at the end of this $#@!.”
My Loo paraded with the dignity she learned when she was a British subject in Cape Town. No Queen’s wave though.
The impoliteness of whispering in public escaped these two.


This is not cocky prancing. It is walking with a dignified gate.
A frightening view at dog’s eye level.
Canine psychological counseling services may have been required after the parade.
Beasley Lothrop walked with Pomp and Circumstance.
This dog probably has gourmet cuisine every day. The human is Oriental’s iconic chef, Chris Doty.
Is it an optical illusion or is the little dog held by a leash longer than the one for his bigger counterpart?


Oriental veterinarian, Dorothy Dimond, reports that her dog Skye, a border collier, can trace his roots to Edinburgh, Scotland. Due to an upbringing in such a prestigious university setting, he has been dubbed as gifted.
“Do you really think I am going to smile for the camera when you dress me up like a butterfly and chase me around with a butterfly net?”
HB2 Gender Compliance Officer
“One milk bone ain’t gonna make up for this”
“I was born to run, not be boxed in between anybody’s legs.” Is this Karen Van Gamper’s dog, Winn Dixie who caught he attention of the judges for being the fastest runaway?
Standard Dog ID technique.
Russ Stevenson and his Shelty in step.


“At least I’m not wearing those stupid shoes”
A dog’s gotta do what a dog’s gotta do
Two guys. Two hats. That’s Ingo Kreutz on the left. Luther, on the right, is from Austria.
Cooper Dickinson, from Merritt, learning how to snuggle up for attention from a dancing girl.
Who could not have their life enriched by such a lovable hound, just 3 and 1/2 years old, quiet, hardly ever barks, has short hair, and is a loving gentleman? Call the animal shelter to adopt Owen.
A little spooning on the parade grounds.


The judges felt the need to wear safety clothing. Hmmmm. Per Erichsen, Master of Ceremonies, did announce that bribes were the private business between the judges and contestants.
Pamlico County’s Animal Control Officer, Berkeley, Hill, brought the animal rescue equipment trailer for pet disaster relief to the event and discussed his role with dog owners.
Distant cousins.
Heather Brewer, acting on behalf of a number of wildlife preserves in Kenya, brought Maya. Maya has a pride and has pride.

At the end of the parade, Master of Ceremonies Per Erichsen announced the winners in multiple categories.

Best Behaved – Tiani – Human, Larry Suvak

Funniest – Puck – Human, Emmy James

Friendliest – Skye – Human, Dorothy Dimond

Most Lookalike – Banjo – Human, Mark Kaplan

Best Theme – Oceania – Human, Mary Stancill

Most Bribes Offered – Freddy – Human, Madeline Sutter

Cutest – Wrigley – Jim McMillian

Most Unusual- Bogey – Human, Sally Belangia

People’s Choice – Kindle – Human, Darlene Wail

PAWS Hero – Sailor – Human, Neil Landin

Wild Beast – Maya – Human, Heather Brewer

Longevity – Bert – Human, Marguerite Garrett

Melt Your Heart – Beasley – Human, Richard Lothrop

Darlings of the Paparazzi – Cookie and Ruby – Human, Dan Albert

Best Hair – Captain – Human, Scott Dickinson

Fastest Runaway – Winn Dixie – Human, Karen Van Gamper

TownDock salutes Chief Canine Photographer Ben Casey

Posted Tuesday April 19, 2016 by Ben Casey

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