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PAWS Pet Parade 2016
49 Dogs Hit The Streets
April 19, 2016
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Oriental veterinarian, Dorothy Dimond, reports that her dog Skye, a border collier, can trace his roots to Edinburgh, Scotland. Due to an upbringing in such a prestigious university setting, he has been dubbed as gifted.
“Do you really think I am going to smile for the camera when you dress me up like a butterfly and chase me around with a butterfly net?”
HB2 Gender Compliance Officer
“One milk bone ain’t gonna make up for this”
“I was born to run, not be boxed in between anybody’s legs.” Is this Karen Van Gamper’s dog, Winn Dixie who caught he attention of the judges for being the fastest runaway?
Standard Dog ID technique.
Russ Stevenson and his Shelty in step.

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Posted Tuesday April 19, 2016 by Ben Casey

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