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PAWS Pet Parade 2016
49 Dogs Hit The Streets
April 19, 2016
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The judges felt the need to wear safety clothing. Hmmmm. Per Erichsen, Master of Ceremonies, did announce that bribes were the private business between the judges and contestants.
Pamlico County’s Animal Control Officer, Berkeley, Hill, brought the animal rescue equipment trailer for pet disaster relief to the event and discussed his role with dog owners.
Distant cousins.
Heather Brewer, acting on behalf of a number of wildlife preserves in Kenya, brought Maya. Maya has a pride and has pride.

At the end of the parade, Master of Ceremonies Per Erichsen announced the winners in multiple categories.

Best Behaved – Tiani – Human, Larry Suvak

Funniest – Puck – Human, Emmy James

Friendliest – Skye – Human, Dorothy Dimond

Most Lookalike – Banjo – Human, Mark Kaplan

Best Theme – Oceania – Human, Mary Stancill

Most Bribes Offered – Freddy – Human, Madeline Sutter

Cutest – Wrigley – Jim McMillian

Most Unusual- Bogey – Human, Sally Belangia

People’s Choice – Kindle – Human, Darlene Wail

PAWS Hero – Sailor – Human, Neil Landin

Wild Breast – Maya – Human, Heather Brewer

Longevity – Bert – Human, Marguerite Garrett

Melt Your Heart – Beasley – Human, Richard Lothrop

Darlings of the Paparazzi – Cookie and Ruby – Human, Dan Albert

Best Hair – Captain – Human, Scott Dickinson

Fastest Runaway – Winn Dixie – Human, Karen Van Gamper

TownDock salutes Chief Canine Photographer Ben Casey

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Posted Tuesday April 19, 2016 by Ben Casey

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