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RiverKeeper and Citizen Scientists Get Funded
'Cue for the Neuse brings in nearly $5,000 raised for river protection
April 30, 2018

aturday’s ‘Cue for the Neuse, a barbecue fundraiser for Sound Rivers, raised nearly $5,000 for the nonprofit organization. The New Village Brewery, the Inland Waterway Provision Company, and Sound Rivers came together to organize the event.

Jim Kellenberger plates a pig.
Plate of ‘cue.

Donations and funds were also raised from two smaller events geared at paddle-boarders and kayakers: SIP & SUP and Paddles & Pints. The New Village Brewery and the Inland Waterway Provision Company both donated $1 for every pint sold.

Lili and the list of beers.

Sound Rivers board member Jim Kellenberger, executive director Heather Deck, and several local Sound Rivers volunteers dished up 126 plates of eco-friendly barbecue at $10 a plate. Lili and Frank Bacon of the New Village Brewery served 383 pints of beer from four breweries along the Neuse River Basin: Mother Earth Brewery, Neuse River Brewery, Deep River Brewing, and 3rd Rock Brewing. SIP & SUP and Paddles & Pints contributed $330 from rentals and donations.

The Yacht Dawgs play to a packed yard.

Additional donations were made, even after the barbecue ran out. An anonymous donor has offered to match the funds, effectively doubling the weekend’s take. With the match included, this weekend netted around $5,000.

Don Henderson arrived late and the barbecue was gone. He got a banana instead.

But where does the money go and how is it used? Heather Deck, executive director of Sound Rivers:

“All of these efforts and the donations that we get go to support the RiverKeeper programs. They [RiverKeepers] are on the water; they’re a community resource and they’re also a community watchdog.”

Funds raised at ‘Cue for the Neuse will go specifically to the programs for the Lower Neuse River and a pilot program beginning in June.

Sound Rivers crew dishes down the line.

That program is called Swim Guide and it’s looking for a few citizen scientists to help out. Volunteers will work with Lower Neuse RiverKeeper Katy Langley to take weekly water samples at pre-determined locations. No training is required. The data will be compiled to help Sound Rivers produce a weekly water report letting swimmers know the condition of the beaches – whether it’s fine to go in the water or if you should probably skip that beach for the week.

Sound Rivers is also a go to if pollution or other problems are spotted in the river. You can fill out a form on their website or call the local Washington office at 252-946-7211. If you don’t know who to report the issue to, they can direct you to the right place.

Jim shows off what he calls a clean ‘shine’ bone.”

You can listen to Jim Kellenberger talk about Sound Rivers and the eco-friendly pig before the event. (Jim was traveling so we had to catch him by phone.)

The day before the event, visiting Dutch sailor Martijn Dijkstra found an abandoned security shirt. A new man in a new shirt, Martijn provided “Dutch security” for the event.

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Sound Rivers and Swim Guide are looking for a few citizen scientists.

Posted Monday April 30, 2018 by Allison DeWeese

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