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Scenes from Croaker Festival 2018
Camps, pies, and the Croaker Queen
July 2, 2018

uly 4 fell mid-week this year making the Croaker Festival a little earlier this year: June 30 to July 1. The event coincides with July fourth and features music, dancing, pageants, a regatta, and fireworks. This year, the parade theme was the camps of Pamlico County: Camp Don Lee, Camp Caroline, Camp Seafarer, Camp Sea Gull, Camp Vandemere, and Camp Jo Jane.

Croaker Festival 2018
Waiting for the parade along Broad St. (photo Matt McCotter)

Organizers brought in The Embers Featuring Craig Woolard for the main musical act. Though there is not yet an official count, many locals said it was the largest evening crowd in years.

It was also the second year fireworks were launched from the bridge and the second year the bridge was closed to all traffic for the event from 3p to 11p on Saturday.

Croaker Festival 2018
Nelda and Chaz Coats’ winning patriotic pie. (photo Amron Wagoner)
Baking Contest Winners:
  • Pies – Nelda & Chaz Coats – Flag Cherry Pie
  • Cake – Mack Avery – Smores Cake
  • Bread – Mary Scott – Artisan Whole Grain Bread
  • Cheesecake – Nicole Avery – Banana Cream Pie Cheesecake
  • Vegan Cake – Rachel Homan – Vegan Vanilla Bean Cake
  • Theme Cake – Susan Adams – Camp Fire Cake

Croaker Festival 2018
After marching in the parade, the Marine Band musicians get down on the main stage.
Croaker Festival 2018
The Embers had everyone up and dancing. (photo Ben Casey)
Croaker Festival 2018
Winner of the Croaker Queen and Miss Photogenic titles, Alyssa Dunham.
Croaker Queen Pageant:
  • Croaker Queen and Miss Photogenic – Alyssa Dunham
  • 1st Runner Up and Miss Congeniality – Jordan Baker
  • 2nd Runner Up and Winner of the Academic Scholarship – Emily McPherson

Croaker Festival 2018
Winner of the Miss Minnow and Miss Photogenic titles, Macy Green.
Miss Minnow Pageant:
  • Miss Minnow and Miss Photogenic – Macy Green
  • 1st Runner Up – Summer Daniels
  • 2nd Runner Up – Chloe Baker

Croaker Festival 2018
The first and second place winners of the Coloring Contest in the 11-12 age bracket, Sophie Woodard and Yao W.
Coloring Contest Winners:
  • Best Overall – Peyton Rogers
  • Budding Artist – Ruby Hight
  • Age 3-4, 1st Place – Jackson Kelley
  • Age 3-4, 2nd Place – CJ Hallman
  • Age 5-6, 1st Place – Peyton Elam
  • Age 5-6, 2nd Place – Megan Rupar
  • Age 7-8, 1st Place – Lila Grace Doxey
  • Age 7-8, 2nd Place – Molly Hight
  • Age 9-10, 1st Place – Taylor McHenry
  • Age 9-10, 2nd Place – Ava Sawyer
  • Age 11-12, 1st Place – Sophie Woodard
  • Age 11-12, 2nd Place – Yao W.

Croaker Festival 2018
Aerial view of the Croakerfest Regatta. (photo Matt McCotter)
Regatta Results: Sunfish
  • 1 George Sechrist
  • 2 Sonya Dean
  • 3 Bob Slook
  • 4 Kara Wheeler
  • 5 Alex Dean
  • 6 George Midyette
  • 7 Jamie Deal
  • 8 Jack Bond
  • 9 Joe Grimm
  • 10 Todd Cox
  • 11 Mark Evans
  • 12 Frank Patch
  • 13 Don Munn

FJ Fleet

  • 1 Madison Scott & Caroline James
  • 2 Umi Noritake & Charotte Curtin
  • 3 Ethan Stocks & Birdie Stockton
  • 4 Mason Caroon & Charles Johnson
  • 5 Tyrese Branch & Eli Thorn
  • 6 Zimm Staats & Maisie Jones
  • 7 Jeff Mosher & Hunter Josey
  • 8 Justin Peck & Kian Peck
  • 9 Emery Haluska & Anna Peck
  • 10 Keenan Leggett & Brian Hebert
  • 11 Rhett Parham & Lizzy Toms
  • 12 Douglas Robinson & Donnie Campbell
  • 13 Olivia Leggett & Lili Grace
  • 14 Ben Bryant & Owen Haluska
  • 15 Oliver Haluska & Jaden Petterson

Croaker Festival 2018
The coach boat for Camps Sea Gull and Seafarer, waiting with Silos pizza for their sailors. (photo Matt McCotter)
Croaker Festival 2018
Saturday night’s view from Oriental Harbor Marina.


Croaker Festival 2018
An entry in the Baking Contest with flags from each of the camps.
Croaker Festival 2018
Judges sample the goods at the baking contest. (photo Amron Wagoner)
Croaker Festival 2018
The Pamlico Community Band wore their Fourth of July best.
Croaker Festival 2018
The band director goes all out to get the best from his musicians.
Croaker Festival 2018
Members of Camps Vandemere and Don Lee help start the parade. (photo Matt McCotter)
Croaker Festival 2018
The Shriners’ Sudan Gators brought their vehicles embellished with gator heads that shot water and breathed smoke.
Croaker Festival 2018
Sudan drifters on their motorized trikes meet the locals.
Croaker Festival 2018
The Sudan Cooligans on their motorized coolers.”
Croaker Festival 2018
Bow to Stern Sailing School used camp counselors to pull their boats.


Croaker Festival 2018
A smaller ‘float’ shows what camp life is about: kayaks, fires, and a bear in your tent.
Croaker Festival 2018
Kevin McNatt, riding a penny-farthing from Maine to Key West, stopped to join the parade.
Croaker Festival 2018
A peril of camp life along the Neuse River – jellyfish.
Croaker Festival 2018
The 2018 Parade Winners.
Croaker Festival 2018
Ammunition for a sanctioned (and refereed) water balloon fight at the Heartworks Kids Carnival.
Croaker Festival 2018
Volunteers at the Heartworks Kid’s Carnival help a young patron out of the bounce house.
Croaker Festival 2018
The Miss Minnow contestants line up to enter the stage.
Croaker Festival 2018
Vendors sold crafts, clothes, food, and Old Fashioned Soda Pop.
Croaker Festival 2018
The Embers played the main stage before the fireworks. (photo Ben Casey)
Croaker Festival 2018
Billy and Donna Creech dance under the main tent. (photo Ben Casey)

Posted Monday July 2, 2018 by Allison DeWeese

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