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Scenes From Silospalooza 2015
3rd Annual Moves To Red Rooster
May 28, 2015
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t Silospalooza 2015, five bands played thru Saturday afternoon and evening. That’s in keeping with the event that’s become a start of summer tradition. Silospalooza 2015
Red Rooster stage as seen from the bar.

But this 3rd Annual Silospalooza was different in another way. Instead of the music and dance being in the front parking lot of the Silos Restaurant as in the event’s first 2 years, this year it moved to its new venue – the Red Rooster stage and bar behind Chris Daniel’s restaurant.

Silospalooza 2015
At one point, between bands, attention turned from the stage to another spectacle.

Several hundred turned out for the day – and night – of music. Many danced. A few competed in the pizza eating contest…

Some scenes from the early evening at the 3rd Annual Silospalooza:

Silospalooza 2015
Who would eat the fastest? Mercifully, the pies were just mozzarella.
Silospalooza 2015
A pause would be nice, but not a path to victory.
Silospalooza 2015
After consuming the pizza the fastest, the winner gets the tool to make his own pie.
Silospalooza 2015
Honorary host, a red (topped) rooster worked the room..

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Posted Thursday May 28, 2015 by Melinda Penkava

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