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Snow Photos From Out & About
TownDock Readers Send In Snowy Pics
February 13, 2010
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TownDock.net has sent out its Photography Unit – but meanwhile TownDock readers are sending in their views of the snow:

Deborah Bryant writes in “Snow is not just for kids. Ann Albee, June Blayney and Deborah Bryant wish everyone a Happy Valentine’s Day.” Thank you Deborah… (photo by The Horton Road Group)
The docks this morning at Whittaker Pointe Marina. (Ashley Erwin photo)
The Whittaker Pointe clubhouse. (Ashley Erwin photo)
More Midyettes in Oriental? Robin Carbury and hubby Turtle Midyette with a new family member. (Marvin Bullock photo)
Local women are always keen to have their photo taken with a man under 60. Nancy & Abbey Piner with the Kayaking Snowman. (Greg Piner photo)
Kayaking Snowman looking debonair with waiting sailboat in the background. (Greg Piner photo)
Snow view seating available in Minnesott Beach. (Ben Casey photo)
This snow man is going for the formal button down look. It’s the handy work of Kim and Thomas Cleary on Seafarer Drive in Oriental. (Thomas Cleary photo)
Dawn Saturday morning on Sue Henry’s porch on Freemason Street. (Sue Henry photo)

There are lots more photos sent in by readers – click here.

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Posted Saturday February 13, 2010 by Keith N. Smith

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