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Spirit of Christmas 2014
Friday Night Lights
December 17, 2014
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riday night at Spirit of Christmas is about light — and making light as the sun goes down. People began to gather at the Town Dock on Hodges just before sunset, the Pamlico High choir leading the carols. spirit of christmas 2014 lights sound
The Oriental Star was lit for another Christmas season. Also lighting the scene, the fading sun and the holiday lights from boats tied up at the Town Docks and at Oriental Marina. Lighted kayaks had also brought illumination to the edges of the harbor earlier.

At the edge of the harbor, lights appeared low on the water, as more than a dozen kayakers paddled in to show off their lighted craft. It was the second year the lighted kayaks made an appearance, their numbers doubling since last year.

spirit of christmas 2014 lights sound
A standup paddle boarder stood out among the lighted kayaks.

At the Town Dock and Oriental Marina, larger boats lit up their higher freeboards. A switch was flipped and Oriental Star shined, while beyond the breakwater, a small flotilla of sailboats, lights outlining their masts and sail shape, glided by. Oriental’s main streets – Hodges and Broad and South Avenue – were stepping-stone illuminated with hundreds of luminaria.

More photos of the light show, ahead..

spirit of christmas 2014 lights sound
Boats near and at the Town Dock were lighted for the holiday. Here, the catboat, Circe.
spirit of christmas 2014 lights sound
Luminaria on the Oriental Bridge Friday night
spirit of christmas 2014 lights sound
Neil Landau took a momentary break from his paddling in and around the Town Dock. His kayak sported a Christmas Tree at the bow.
spirit of christmas 2014 lights sound
Two kayakers at the edge of Oriental’s harbor.

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Posted Wednesday December 17, 2014 by Melinda Penkava

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