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The Man in the Photo
Local knowledge required
September 1, 2021

entley Cheatham is the new owner of property at the end of Brigantine Blvd, overlooking the junction of Greens Creek and Kershaw Creek. He has been going through an old house on the land that has been uninhabited for years, though he believes the house was built in the 50s.

Do you know who this is?

He found this photograph inside the home and is trying to find out what he can about the person, the boat, the location – any information at all. The oldest known property owner he can trace is Mewborn Braxton (Brack) Wilson, Jeanne Wilson and family.

The full photograph.

A request was put out for more information. The following responses were received:

I do not know the man in the picture, but I  suspect he helped out during fishing trips captained by my old Oriental neighbor, Mr. Elmo Gilgo, who captained and probably owned  this boat.  I remember it being used for shrimping too by Mr, Elmo. I was always amused by the location of the wheel.  It was a beamy boat, probably 25 feet long.

The boat was moored most of the time at a dock near the shoreline about where Mrs. Grace Evans lived.  At other times the boat could be seen docked up Greens Creek at the Wilson place, (The Brack Wilson Place),   After this boat, Mr. Elmo ran the CAN DO for the Wilson’s.  It was a much larger boat( probably 35 feet) with a cabin, much like the charter style boats at Morehead, As you probably know, Mr. Wilson sold Ford, Lincoln, and Mercury cars in Smithfield.  I recall Mr. Elmo always drove Fords—- not surprising.

As boys Ned Delamar, Dennis Delamar, and I rented a rowskiff on occasion from Mr. John Dixon so that we could tour all of the creeks and fish and crab.  I think the rent was 50 cents per day.  This was during the early 60s.. Later,I had a sixteen foot skiff of my own and tried to wear Greens Creek out with it.  So I saw the CAN DO docked at the Wilson’s place many times on my way up Greens Creek.  The Wilson Place was the only house along the creek at that time.

I hope that it will be possible for some of the Wilson family to see this picture, as I think they may be the only ones who would know the name of the man.  

Good Luck,
Jim Smith,
Clayton, NC


That boat resembles some of the very old wooden launches that use to be in service at Camp Seagull.

I recognize the horizontal steering wheel that was probably put together by using a surplus bus steering wheel and gear sector. The boat looks to be more for pleasure than commercial use.

Best regards,
Farron Peffer
Minnesott Beach, NC

If you have any information about the photograph, you can email it to info@towndock.net.

Posted Wednesday September 1, 2021 by Allison DeWeese

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