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The Piglet Opens
Oriental Piggly Wiggly: Views, Day 1
July 29, 2016
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our words many residents of Oriental waited a half a year to say.

The. Piglet. Is. Open.

piggly wiggly opens
Billy Flockhart cuts the ribbon Wednesday, July 27, and opens his – and Oriental’s – Piggly Wiggly. It is also known as The Piglet as it is smaller than his other Pig’ in Grantsboro. The opening ended a half year in which the town had no supermarket after the January closing of the WalMart Express in that building (and months before that, the shuttering of the indy grocer, Town-n-Country.)
piggly wiggly opens
One of assistant store manager Lisa Lewis’ duties – readying Mr. Pig for his appearance before the ribbon cutting.
piggly wiggly opens
Some customers lined up three hours before the grand opening. Umbrellas helped.
piggly wiggly opens
Mr. Pig braved the heat for some dancing. Under the awning, customers lined up for several hours. In the foreground, the TownDock Video Division, which streamed the proceedings live.

(Click here for video recording of the opening.)

piggly wiggly opens
Dancing while waiting for the doors to open.
piggly wiggly opens
Before the ribbon cutting, Billy Flockhart thanked a long list of people whose efforts helped get the Piglet opened, among them Doug Sligh (in light shirt) of the Oriental Food Initiative. Doug had lobbied WalMart to let Billy buy the single building rather than its usual practice of selling its vacated stores in groups.

Inside the store in its first few hours – just ahead.

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Posted Friday July 29, 2016 by Melinda Penkava

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