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The Piglet Opens
Oriental Piggly Wiggly: Views, Day 1
July 29, 2016

piggly wiggly opens
The produce aisle is the first one customers see on entering the Piglet. As she pushed her cart along, Mayor Sally Belangia, second from left, was enthused about a lifestyle change – that she wouldn’t no longer have to use her lunch break to drive 15 miles to Grantsboro to shop for groceries.
piggly wiggly opens
Having freshly cut meat and a butcher were high on many peoples wish list in the survey. It drew a lot of customers in the opening moments of the store.
piggly wiggly opens
There’s the national Pig’ logo (at right) and the one drawn up for Oriental’s-smaller-than-average store, nicknamed The Piglet. Like Kathryn Garcia above, many customers walked in Wednesday already wearing Piglet t-shirts, which had been for sale since May at the Grantsboro Pig’.
piggly wiggly opens
Dwayne Miller of Oriental was one of the first customers to go through one of the 5 checkout lines.
piggly wiggly opens
Carole Norris traveled from Wallace for the opening and greeted customers at her son, Billy Flockhart’s store.
piggly wiggly opens
Across the store, the Dragon Cafe was getting its first customers.

Posted Friday July 29, 2016 by Melinda Penkava

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