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Vibrant Landscapes and Iridescent Earths
Village Gallery's February Artist of the Month
February 5, 2022

natomy. Appendages. Clinically detailed accuracy. Catherine Twomey devoted her artistic career to being an award-winning medical illustrator. Eventually, however, the human body no longer held her artistic interest.

Twomey changed her focus from humans to the world around them, focusing instead on landscapes – often on a planetary scale – and the changes occurring there. She changed her medium, as well; from oils to acrylics. “With oils, it [her style] was too tight…I wanted more freedom.” Twomey began experimenting with acrylic paint.

Catherine Twomey with her work Sea Leveling.

“I have to make up the paint a day in advance,” Twomey said, “and the paint that goes on the canvas is not the same color as after it dries.” Twomey pointed out a section of lavender in her work Luna Borealis. “This was nearly white when it went on.”

Luna Borealis by Catherine Twomey.
Revolution by Catherine Twomey.

Using colored pigments, flecks of gold, silver and other iridescent elements, brushes, tools for working in clay, and even her own breath, Twomey has refined her process to an hour long application. It’s all the working time she has before the paint starts to set up. Twomey says she applies and guides the paint, but it also “does what it wants.”

Detail Accelerating by Catherine Twomey.

For some, a globe is a globe. But Twomey uses it to bring attention to the changes occurring on the surface. In Revolution, clouds (and a large whirling storm system) cover the better part of the planet. But Accelerating shows a planet caught between the ice of one pole and the heat at the other.

Detail Cirrused by Catherine Twomey.

Twomey also enjoys capturing the land on a smaller scale. Landscapes of the Blue Ridge Mountains and scenes from her garden round out this collection.

Detail Something’s Coming by Catherine Twomey.

Twomey says she strives for her art to evoke “a deep, emotional response to the natural world”, so much so that it encourages the viewer to try and protect it.

Catherine Twomey talks about the process of creating Cirrused.
Iridescent World By Catherine Twomey.
Detail The Wilding By Catherine Twomey.

Catherine Twomey’s art will be on display at The Village Gallery for the month of February.

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Posted Saturday February 5, 2022 by Allison DeWeese

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