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Watermelon Sunday Returns
51 years of watermelon with the Bonds
August 9, 2021

ifty-one years of watermelon Sundays.

Watermelon slices wait for the hungry visitors and friends visiting the Bond home for Watermelon Sunday.

Fay Bond and her late husband John began serving watermelon to the community fifty-two years ago in 1969. Delayed only once in a century (due to last year’s pandemic), there have now been 51 of these summer events. Always on the second Sunday of August. Always free.

Today, Fay still presides over the event as her children and friends help cut and serve slices of watermelon from Bertie County.

The invitation to the annual event is posted on the front lawn of the Bond home.

The invitation is always the same (and in the same place): on the front lawn a sign invites everyone to the event, asking them to bring along their friends and family.

It used to be that getting rid of the rinds was a challenge. But over the last decade, Fay has been feeding the rinds to the turtles in the creek beside her home. It will take a while for them to eat them all, she says, but they get the job done and no food goes to waste.

John Bond sets out slices of watermelon.
A couple of hungry, happy kids.
Fay Bond and her husband started the Watermelon tradition 51 years ago.
Residents and visitors talk and eat under tents on the lawn.
Terry Halpern demonstrating one technique for watermelon consumption.
After enjoying a slice, Gary Ramsey gets a watermelon to take to a friend.
The left over rinds are collected to feed the turtles that gather in the waters beside the Bond home.
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Posted Monday August 9, 2021 by Allison DeWeese

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