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The Hurricane Dorian Film Festival
The Film Festival For The Hurricane Accosted
September 5, 2019

orian. It isn’t the most common name. Besides Hurricane Dorian, who’s a famous Dorian?

Why, you erudite reader. It’s Dorian Gray.

Dorian is the titular character in Oscar Wilde’s only published novel The Picture of Dorian Gray. It hasn’t been on the Times Top 10 list lately – it was published in 1890.

Dorian Gray… the story of a handsome young lad who says he would trade his soul for perpetual youth and beauty.

Someone is listening. The wish is granted. Dorian is tempted into an existance of pleasure and depravity.

OK. We know what you’re thinking. It sounds so much like village life.

And now, cultivated from the depths of the web… the Dorian Gray / Hurricane Dorian Film Festival.

Thug Notes – Cliff Notes for a new Millenia

Dorian Gray, Lego Version. With a Lovely Accent.

The Audio Book
You don’t have time to stop and watch a movie – you’re busy dealing with a hurricane.

Not a problem. You can listen while you work.

This audio version has a whole cast of voice actors. Some accents are more entertaining than others.

A Classic Movie Trailer
Only the trailer for the 1945 movie version was available. But we had to include it; Angela Lansbury won a Golden Globe Award for Best Supporting Actress for her role as Dorian’s first victim: Sibyl Vane. And it’s the only narrated movie on the list.

The full-length movie event
You want the full Dorian Gray experience without spending hours to read it yourself. The first movie is from 1976, with appropriate accents and period dress. The third, a 1983 version, has Dorian Gray played by a woman and set in America. The last is the 2009 version – in English but with Spanish subtitles.