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2021 Bow to Stern Summer Regatta
Sailing through the rain
August 11, 2021

little rain one day. Light winds the next.

Nineteen vessels – Wayfarers, FJs, 420s, a Laser and a Sunfish – carried 35 sailors around the course.

Wayfarer, spinnaker deployed, heads to the mark.

Several sailors were new to racing and, as it was an open regatta, they could ask for help or advice from others while on the course. Over at Lou Mac Park, families watched the sailors deal with the weather, the course, and each other.

Ready to cross the start.

This event features multiple short races, lasting about 15 – 20 minutes each. After a full Saturday of racing, sailors, crew, and families – around 75 people – ate a catered dinner together at Bow to Stern on Smith Creek. Racing continued Sunday with awards announced immediately after.

Bow to Stern’s spacious Monk 36 trawler served as the Committee Boat.
The scene before the race begins: prepping the boats, depiction of the lineup at the start of the race, and an explanation of the flags.

The winners in the four divisions were:

• 1st Matthew Capeluso

• 1st Mark Paulik

FJ/420 Fleet
• 1st Jonathan Clubbs, Tuchia Newton
• 2nd Howard Maye, Chase Fidgeon
• 3rd Lindsay Grant, Charlie Grant

Wayfarer fleet
(The Wayfarer fleet checked in with sail numbers instead of names.)
• 1st 11338
• 2nd 11134
• 3rd 11336

The gray cat comes with a warning not to touch – no matter how friendly he seems.
Under tents and wearing rain coats are the sailors’ families – watching the regatta from Lou Mac Park.
The group sailing Wayfarer were a more experienced class of sailor, veterans of this and other regattas.
Captain Jim Edwards gets help deploying the marks from Jennifer Rodriguez.
Checking in with the Committee Boat.
Scenes from the race – as an open regatta, sailors could get help from each other on the course.
Leaving Smith Creek, heading to the course on the other side of Oriental Bridge.
Coming and going from the mark.
Sailing doubles – friends, partners, and a mother-daughter team.
The only Sunfish sailor was all smiles.

The next Bow to Stern Regatta is in August, 2022.

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Posted Wednesday August 11, 2021 by Allison DeWeese

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