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An Unlikely Site
Old Hardee's building chosen for new public library
November 22, 2019

amlico County Library is one of a handful of libraries in North Carolina that shares a building with a school – in our case Pamlico County High School. That arrangement has been tense at times in recent years.

It may take a few years to happen, but the Library is getting its own building… in what may (at first) sound like an unlikely spot: The closed Hardee’s location on Hwy 55 in Bayboro. A poster in the former Hardee’s declares the site the “Future Home of the Pamlico County Public Library.”

A sign hangs in the widow of the former fast food restaurant.
A ‘library architect’ will turn this building into the new library, without demolishing the current structure.

A call to the Pamlico County Library confirmed the purchase, though they say it may be several years before the move is complete. A ‘library architect’ has been hired to make the space work.

No word (yet) on potential uses of the drive-through window.

Posted Friday November 22, 2019 by Allison DeWeese

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