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CroakerFest 2013 Theme Needed
You Could Be Famous. (Updated With Suggestions)
March 5, 2013

roakerfest, Oriental’s biggest summer event, celebrates its 33rd year on July 5 and 6. Volunteers are already at work to put the celebration together – the parade, the booths, the contests, the fireworks, the regatta that all add up to Croakerfest.

But right now, Croakerfest 2013 needs a theme.

Here are some of the entries so far in the contest for the 2013 Croakerfest theme:

  • Croakerfest….Come catch a mess of fun!

~ Tim Parker, Dawson’s Creek

  • Oriental, Land of the Free and Home of the Croaker
  • He’s a croaker, she’s a croaker, wouldn’t you like to be a croaker, too?
  • CAPTIAN CROAKER (super hero croaker w cape and scrambled-egg hat)
  • Countin’ Croaker (33 little croakers swimming in a circle that looks like an “O”riental)
  • Happy Croaker Day! (Croaker blowing out 33 candles on a cake)
  • Life’s a beach and then you Croaker(croaker lounging on beach chair)
  • You, my brown eyed Croaker (theme song obvious)
  • Do you speak Croaker?
  • Learn to speak Croaker at the 2013 CroakerFest
  • Croaker-eze
  • Oriental, the place to get Croaker (or Croaker-ed)
  • Can’t wait to get Croaked in Oriental

~ Gordon Pickett, Raleigh

  • Come to Oriental and join us while we ‘Throw a Croaker on the Smoker’

~ Joe Mattea, Oriental

  • When in the course of Croaker events

  • Life, liberty and the pursuit of Croaker

~ Carl Crothers

  • In Croakertown, where the living is easy. You can chase right up and touch the sky When the weather’s right You got croaker , you got croaker on your mind Have a taste, have a drive Go out and see what you can find

  • Green eggs and croaker

~ Michelle Fodrey

  • Still Croaker after all these years

  • Croaker? I didn’t even know’er!

~ Bill Woolsey

  • Les Croakera`bles

  • Can you hear the Croaker now? (as a man holds a cell phone to the mouth of a croaker.)
  • Downton Croakers
  • Lord and Lady Croaker
  • Croaker Abbey

~ Ben Casey

  • Haven’t Croaked Yet

~ Bev Barksdale

  • Gettin’ Down in a Croaker Town

~ Joe Anderson

  • Oriental – Croaker Nation

  • Croaker Nation – Oriental

or just plain old…

  • Croaker Nation

~ Hal Chapple and Doug DeMeyer

Highlighting the great fireworks display, my submission is…

  • Croakers and Crackers

PS: you could use massive amounts of multi-colored fishes crackers as part of the theme, throw them in the parade (have glass vats filled and guess the amount) sponsor contests using the fishes in unique art projects ie; mosaics, pictures, jewelry, sculpture (gluing the fishes together) Have a croaker clad mascot (like Mr. Peanut) handing small packages of them out around town during the festival and at other venues in NC prior to the event. Be sure you’ve printed stickers with the logo, date and location and put them on each little bag. I’m not sure who makes these treats but I’ll bet they would like to donate for the advertising.

I salute your continued hard work and look forward to the 33rd Croaker Festival!

P.S. Sorry to get so carried away! It’s just food for thought.

~ Patricia McAbee

  • Oriental Is For Croakers

~ Richard Grogan

  • It’s the Age of the Croaker Fest
    (Sung to the melody of “It’s the Age of Aquarius” from the musical, “Hair”.)

~ Robert Kruger

  • Graham Croaker’s Croakula. (picture of vampire croaker)

~ Richard Kearney

  • ¡Viva nuestro Comandante El Croaker!
  • Who is John Galt Croaker?
  • Croakerquestering and the Fishcal Cliff

~ Will Conkwright & Stephanie Reed, Pompano Beach, FL

  • Croaker Fever…. Catch It!
  • When Croakers Fly!
  • Keep Calm and Croaker On

~ Bart and Autumn Bland

  • Croaker Doodle Doo (have a drawing of a croaker crowing like a rooster)
  • This Croaker’s for you!
  • Have Croaker Will Travel
  • 50 Shades of Croaker

~ Scott & Susie Pressley

I got Croakeritis

~ Jos Muffels, Merritt, NC

Under The Sea – Croaker Style

~ Marion Crawford

  • Frankly Croaker,I don’t give a damn
  • The Wizard of Croaker
  • The Sound of Croaker
  • The Lone Croaker and Pronto
  • Three Weddings and a Croaker
  • Croakers of the Caribbean

~ Bob Dillard

  • July 4th, 2013 get Croaked in Oriental NC

~ Ted Garner

  • We are all here, because we aren’t all there – CroakerFest 2013

~ Bonnie Crosser and Richard Lambert

  • Come on Down to Croakertown

~ Darrel Jorgensen, Black Mountain, NC

  • Keep Calm and Croaker On
  • Running of the Croaker
  • Fun, Sun and Croakers

~ Courtney Berry Roberts, Wake Forest NC

  • A Fish Story
  • A Fish walked into a bar…
  • Why did the Croaker cross the Neuse? To get to Oriental, of course!!

~ Ken Laser

  • Croakertime, and the fishin’ is easy
  • Who let the Croaker out? Who who who who-who?
  • Color me Croaker

Looking forward to the celebrations – thanks for adding to the fun of it!!

~ Sharon Morgan

  • Croakers A’hoy.

~ Ben Craven

(A commendable suggestion but this was the theme a few year’s back. Ed. )

  • Cool as a Croaker
  • Croaker Barrel

~ Sue Jiang

  • Croakerfest 2013 – The spot to drum up fun

~ Darlene Willis

  • All things come to those who Croaker
  • Croakerfest – its what we do!

~ Jim Root

  • 2 4 6 8 What Do We Appreciate? Croakers, Croakers Croakers
  • Croaking On The Neuse
  • Grab a Pole and Let’s Meet at the Croaker Hole
  • Get the Grease Hot and I’ll Bring The Croaker
  • Oriental Menu – Fish of the Day Croakers
  • Reel Hookers Meet Croakers On Line

  • Croakers Are The Talk Of The Town
  • Croakers Available In All Sizes
  • Hooked on Croakers
  • Croaker Reigns Supreme
  • Get a Life Catch a Croaker
  • Have a Heart – Love a Croaker
  • Oriental’s Hometown Hero – The Croaker

~ Judy Berry

  • The Croaker knows
  • Croaker this
  • OMG Croaker
  • See ya’ later Croakergator
  • We got Croaker
  • Got ya’ Croakered
  • We know a Croaker when we see one
  • Wish they all were Croaker -girls
  • A Croaker a day …
  • Pamlicroaker
  • May the best Croaker win
  • Dancing with the Croakers

~ Al Privette

  • Where are the Croakers?
  • Follow me for Croakers.
  • Get Croakered!
  • I Got Croakered in Oriental.
  • Where is that Croaker?
  • What is a croaker?
  • Find your croaker in Oriental.
  • Are there any croakers in Oriental?

~ Marshall E Tyler

  • Eat, Play, Croaker

~ Lili Stern


~ Marsha Luhrs

Croaker me this

~ Bill Woolsey

In the Good Ole Croaker Time

~ Kathy Kellam

It’s a Grand Old Fish!
Croakerfest: Yesterday; Today; and Forever
All-Star Salute to the Croaker
You’ve Come a Long Way

~ Missy Shipman

Before You Croaker

~ Ed Ruppert, Water Bear, Sea Harbour Yacht Club

  • Eat, Play, Croak

~ Lynn Hines

  • Hazy, Crazy, Croaker, Daze or Days

  • The Dog Days of Croaker
  • I Am Croaker.

~ Beth and Cameron Privette

  • Perciformes – Try it…you’ll like it !

~ Randy Wilkerson, Smith Creek

  • I Got The Croaker In Me

~ Jan Dique

  • Got Croaker?
    bq. ~ Larry Doyle

(Good idea, but it was the theme a while back.)

  • One Croaker Over the Line

My vote’s on “Everything’s Coming Up Croaker”

~ Jan Jorgensen

  • It’s Croaker Style 2013

~ Heather Spears

  • More Broker Croaker Sequester Weekend!

~ John Cassillo, Arapahoe, NC

  • Jiminy Croaker

~ Valerie Merkler

  • CCC – Croak On Croakers
  • Croak On Croakers Oriental Croakerfest 2013
    Croak Until Your Dreams Come True
  • Oriental Croakerfest 2013
    Where Croaking Croakers Croak for You

~ Carlee Johnson

  • Three’s (33) a Charm!

~ Lynn Speas

  • Oriental Croakerthon

~ Archer Williams

  • Croaker Life

~ Mike Styron

  • One Nation – Under Croaker

  • Sittin’ on the dock of the bay….with my croaker
  • WWCD – What Would Croaker Do?
  • Just Croaker It!

~ Christopher Loboda

  • Think Fish

  • Everything’s Coming Up Croaker
  • Can You Hear Me Now?
  • Still Croaker After All These Years
  • Shiver Me Croaker
  • Between The Croaker and The Deep Blue Sea
  • Keep Calm and Carry On, Croaker Festival 2013
  • KICS (Keep It Croaker, Sir)

As we reported a few days ago, a contest is underway to come up with the guiding idea for this 33rd Annual Croakerfest. That theme becomes the theme for the parade and the festival t-shirt.

Remember a theme of Croaker past? A TownDock favorite was 2003’s:

  • Got Croaker?

croaker doodle dandy logo 2008
As a for-instance, here’s the logo that emerged after “Croaker Doodle Dandy” was chosen the 2008 Croakerfest theme
The theme ends up on the shirts on the backs of many Croakerfest attendees. That’s because once the winning theme is picked, another contest will kick off, in which artists submit their designs based on the theme. The winning design will then grace the official 2013 Croaker T-shirt.

Take a minute. Close your eyes to the cold of winter, and put yourself in the hot days of July and give us a theme.

Just act quickly, because the organizers need to pick the theme soon! Send your idea(s) to croaker@towndock.net.

Dang. We really need your idea. Send in your theme to croaker@towndock.net.

The object of our summer celebration – this is a croaker

Posted Tuesday March 5, 2013 by Keith N. Smith

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