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Cycle NC Spring Weekend 2011
975 Cyclists Come To Town And Pedal Beyond
April 12, 2011
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Mother Nature cooperated. Friday was sunny for the 200 early bird cyclists who got in a full day of cycling on Pamlico County’s roads. Saturday and Sunday were overcast for much of the day, but what rains there were, came at night. It may’ve made for wet and windy conditions in the South Avenue campground, but at least the roads were dry for the cycling during the days. Along the routes, the wisteria was in high, towering bloom.

On Orchard Creek Road and its towering wisteria.

A number of cyclists made a point of offering thanks to the town for having them for the weekend. That sentiment could be directed back at the visitors. Though they doubled the town’s population for a few days, things went smoothly. It was the kind of sustainable tourism, low-impact tourism that didn’t force the town to change much, save for longer lines at restaurants.

Some of the cyclists said they wanted to come back and see Oriental when there weren’t as many other visitors around. The town, and roads around it, will be here….

If you were driving in the county Friday thru Sunday, you may’ve come across a similar scene.

More photos of the 2011 Cycle NC weekend in Oriental are below and on the following pages..

First few feet of the route, here by a recumbent bicyclist on South Avenue.
Rich and Cissy Byrd of Spartanburg, SC consult the routes before leaving their campsite on South Avenue Saturday morning. They took off a short time later on their tandem bike.
Jenny Terry of Durham and her mother Janet Musselwhite of Wilmington paused at the corner of Straight and Orchard Creek Roads. In the trailer is Jenny’s son, Eli.
Eli Terry, a while earlier, waiting to head out from South Avenue.
While a folding bike in Oriental is not unusual, the distance about to be covered was. This cyclist said he planned to do a 28-mile route.

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Posted Tuesday April 12, 2011 by Melinda Penkava

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