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Dragon Launched!
Over 100 folks come to see the Dragon hit Oriental's Duck Pond
May 18, 2004

Gary Gresko has said he thought it was important that the town have something like this. And the sense one got standing on the shores of the Duck Pond Saturday morning was that he was right.

Prior to launch Gary showed off the nautical attributes of the dragon. Here Whortonsville Yacht & Tractor Club Commodore Nick Santoro checks out the mooring rig for the dragon. Nick approved…

This was entirely a community volunteer effort – made with Gary’s time and materials and monetary donations from the public.

A plaque will soon be affixed on the railing on the Bean’s ramp or next to the pond. It will list the names of Patrons – those who contributed $50 toward the dragon.

Town Dock will also list the names of all of those who contributed whatever the level. It’s not too late either. Those who would like to may send a check to:
Gary Gresko
P.O. Box 284
Oriental, NC 28571

Lots of TownDock readers from all over came through in the past week with contributions toward the dragon and for that artist Gary Gresko was very thankful and appreciative.

The dragon was offloaded….

Carried towards the pond (note assistance from Veterinarian Bob Moore. Dragon temperature normal he noted…)

….into the water…

Posted Tuesday May 18, 2004 by Keith N. Smith

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