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Dragon's Breath Regatta 2018
Sailors race in sun and rain
August 6, 2018
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torms threatened the first race day of the 2018 Dragon’s Breath Regatta, hosted by the Oriental Dinghy Club. It rained nearly every day in the weeks leading up to Saturday’s event, but the marks were set and sailors gathered in the Neuse regardless.

Dragon's Breath Regatta 2018
The Oriental Dinghy Club Committee Boat prepares for the race.

Clouds gathered in the south, and water fell miles away, but the race began. Sailors and the committee boat, consulting real-time lightning strike maps, saw no electricity in the storms. The marks were set and the PHRF races began.

Fifteen vessels competed. competed in four divisions: Spinnaker A, Spinnaker B, Jib & Main with a PHRF rating greater than 168, and Jib & Main with a PHRF rating equal to or less than 168.

Dragon's Breath Regatta 2018
The bows of Legend and Water Phantom.
Dragon's Breath Regatta 2018
Water Phantom (front) overtakes Legend after leaving the mark.

Rains rolled through the first race, becoming heavier towards noon. All vessels completed the race, though one retired to wait out the storm. After lunch, the skies cleared and the winds died down. Saturday’s afternoon race went ahead under the sunshine. Sunday’s races were also clear, with the rain holding back until time for the awards ceremony.

The first and second place division winners are:
Spinnaker A
- 1st Henry Frazer, Oriental Express, Etchelles
- 2nd Todd Cox, Loon, Etchelles

Spinnaker B
- 1st Bob Slook, Jib’rish, J24
- 2nd Mark Thompson, Us=Them, San Juan 21

Jib & Main, A
- 1st Charlie Nelson, Water Phantom, C&C 35
- 2nd Chaz & Nelda Coats, Legend, Tartan 34

Jib & Main, B
- 1st Steve Peters, Mariposa, Pearson 27
- 2nd Dick Mannion, Wind Melody, Bristol 31.1

The list of participants and divisions for the 2018 Dragon’s Breath Regatta.

Dragon's Breath Regatta 2018
The crew of Jib’rish move to port.
Dragon's Breath Regatta 2018
Woof’s three-man crew attempt to deploy the Spinnaker.
Dragon's Breath Regatta 2018
Blue Cricket and the storm.

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Posted Monday August 6, 2018 by Allison DeWeese

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