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Friends Of The Dragon 2017
Give A Dragon A Hand
December 30, 2016

he New Years Eve Dragon has one big night on the town every year. He waits, he dreams. Anticipation…. of his Dec 31st accolades, the adoring crowds, screaming girls, the rumble of the drums… the ding of wooden spoons on tin pans.

While he waits, a Dragon of his esteem deserves comfortable digs.

The Dragon has called quite a few places home, some better protected than others. A few years ago he got a new home – his own 10 × 10 storage unit at Village Mini Storage on Broad Street. It keeps him dry and ready. It is funded through the generosity of folks like you, who become Patrons Of The Dragon.

The Dragon is hoping to keep his home.

That storage unit costs $495 a year. That is divided up 24 ways. That’s $495 / 24 = $20.63.

A handsome dragon grin.
He waits for the adoring crowds.
Become A Dragon Patron
This is where you can help. Become one of the 2017 “Patrons”. Each Dragon Patron pays $20.63 for a half month of storage. The Dragon is a proud fellow – he doesn’t want any Patron to pay for more than $20.63. Just sponsor a half month. Think of it as a New Years gift to the Dragon.

There isn’t any Dragon corporation or any Dragon bank account. Dragon Patrons will simply send a $20.63 check to Village Mini Storage.

To become a Dragon Patron, just email in your contact info to dragon@towndock.net, and then we will email back confirmation and instructions on where to mail your Patron check. Your name, or your business name, can be listed as a Dragon Patron.

Thank you – great folks who care about Oriental stepped up. All the 2017 Dragon Patron slots have been filled. The Dragon thanks you!

Month Dragon Patrons For 2017
January 2017 Sea Harbour Yacht Club ✓
  Ellen and John Chappell ✓
February 2017 TownDock.net ✓
  Doug Sligh & Mary Ann Parham ✓
March 2017 Laurie and Pat Stockwell ✓
  Paul and Lee Morgan ✓
April 2017 Shiver Me Timbers Marine Services ✓
  Sarah Risso ✓
May 2017 Don and Kathie Mau, in honor of Alexis, JC, Sam and Matthew. ✓
  Tom & Cynthia Cochran ✓
June 2017 Ken Laser and Wendy Osserman ✓
  Laura & Andy Barnett
July 2017 Cartwright House Bed and Breakfast ✓
  Bob Dillard & Cecily Lohmar ✓
August 2017 Dave and Carol Wright ✓
  Frank & Jennifer Roe ✓
September 2017 Mac and Sheila Ernest ✓
  Oriental Harbor Village Marina ✓
October 2017 Elaine Creel, in memory of Bill Creel ✓
  Lynn & Joe Mattea
November 2017 Gail Radosevich and Steve Elbert ✓
  Geri LaBreck ✓
December 2017 Pat & John Messer ✓
  Village Mini Storage ✓

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Posted Friday December 30, 2016 by Keith N. Smith

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