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From Poland to North Carolina
Village Gallery's October Artist of the Month
October 7, 2021

osia Tojza wasn’t supposed to be an artist, she says, but the sister of one. Gosia’s grandfather and brother had the talent.

As a young girl in Poland, she spent time watching them paint. She was immensely proud, she says, when her brother would use her hand or foot as a model in his paintings.

Gosia’s brother died young from illness. “My life seized,” Gosia says, “my soul went into silence, and all the noises of the world stopped.”

“Fields of Silver”

Years later, Gosia, now with a family of her own, found her brother’s palette knife and decided to try painting for herself.

“Today no silence will stop me from painting, I have a lot to say, through beauty and small things in life,” says Gosia. “I am inspired by mysteries of nature, that sometimes are being taken for granted. And when I paint, I feel as if though I am close to some kind of mystery.”


Gosia and her husband found Oriental years ago while sailing. They lived aboard in the area for a time before moving to Apex. Gosia has spent 17 years in North Carolina, and returns to Oriental often.

Her work is on display in the Village Gallery throughout October.

Detail from “Sea gulls of NC”
“Summer in blue”
Detail from “Oriental Bay”
Detail from “Farm house”
Detail from “Still at sea”
Detail from “Stork”
Gosia Tojza beside her painting “Still at sea”
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Posted Thursday October 7, 2021 by Allison DeWeese

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