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Greens Creek Challenge 2018
25 years of small boat sailing on the creek
September 4, 2018

ow winds, a stubborn knot, a lost rudder. There’s a reason it’s called a ‘challenge’.

Greens Creek Challenge 2018
Larry Summers and Bob Austin looking for the windward mark.

In the Greens Creek Challenge, Vessels 20’ and under are invited to sail a course spanning both sides of the bridge. To make things interesting, a rubber chicken is tied some where in the creek for some lucky sailor to find. This has been going on for 25 years. Sailors gather on the the lawn of Grace Evans for the skipper’s meeting, lunch, and awards ceremony, launching from the Wildlife Ramp next door.

Greens Creek Challenge 2018
Reggie, the famed rubber chicken of the challenge, flies from a tree after the first race. He was found, tied with a sailor’s knot to a buoy, during the first race.
Greens Creek Challenge 2018Greens Creek Challenge 2018Greens Creek Challenge 2018
The Narrasketuck Tuxedo. At the beginning of the second race, the boat lost it’s rudder. Owner Don DiStephano will have to carve a new one for the 1947 vessel.

This year FJs, Lasers, 420s, and Sunfish (some provided by Bow to Stern) joined a Classic Sharpee, Force 5, Flying Scot, and a Narrasketuck in search of the elusive Reggie the rubber chicken. Twenty-two vessels competed. NC State Sailing Team attended for the 3rd consecutive year.

Greens Creek Challenge 2018
Sailors and spectators.
Greens Creek Challenge 2018
Roger Clapp and crew won the Sail N Swim award; both went into the water after capsizing.
Winners Overall:
  • 1st Overall and 1st Laser: Chuck Lee
  • 2nd Overall: Adam Anon
  • 3rd Overall and 1st Sunfish: George Sechrist
  • 1st FJ: Zach Brown
  • Chicken Finders: Erica Walker and Samuel Sanderson
Greens Creek Challenge 2018
Adam (no last name) from NC State took second place overall.
Life Experience Awards:
  • Sail ‘n Swim: Roger Clapp
  • Most Experienced: George Sechrist
  • Most Improved: Bob Austin
  • Youngest: Bonnie Frazer
  • Muddy Rudder: Don Destefano
Greens Creek Challenge 2018
The youngest skipper, Bonnie Frazer, and her younger crew – only 10 years old.

Beth Michne, chairwoman of the challenge, gifted Grace Evans with a plaque thanking her for hosting the Greens Creek Challenge for 25 years. She also thanked the many volunteers who helped make the event happen:

Greens Creek Challenge 2018
Beth Michne and Grace Evans.
  • The land crew: Nelda Coats, Finola and Harry Corbett.
  • Home hosts: Jim Edwards and the Conklins
  • PRO: Doug Carmichael
  • The water crew: Don Giro, Dick Mannion, JoAnn Hurley, Peggy mcDonald, Ken and Carol Small
Greens Creek Challenge 2018
Light winds let competitors stretch their legs while sailing.


Greens Creek Challenge 2018
Erin Walker and Samuel Sanderson hold up their prize.
Greens Creek Challenge 2018
Sailors left the creek to gather at the start on the river side of the bridge.
Greens Creek Challenge 2018
Centerboard up, Adam (no last name) from NC State rounds the windward mark holding a rope with one foot and leaning over the stern.
Greens Creek Challenge 2018Greens Creek Challenge 2018Greens Creek Challenge 2018Greens Creek Challenge 2018
Overboard at the mark; a study.
Greens Creek Challenge 2018
Larry Summers acts as human whisker pole.
Greens Creek Challenge 2018
A crowded field made for close sailing prior to the race start.
Greens Creek Challenge 2018
Dennis Harms sailed a zebra striped Laser on loan from Bow to Stern.
Greens Creek Challenge 2018
Setting up for the start.
Greens Creek Challenge 2018
Every challenge has its reward.

Posted Tuesday September 4, 2018 by Allison DeWeese

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