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In Honor & Memory 2022
From the Tree of Names and Lights
January 5, 2023

ed ribbons for the honored. Green for those who’ve passed on. The ribbons decorate the bottom of handmade candlestick ornaments, each with a handwritten name.

They hang on the Tree of Names and Lights in Lou Mac Park through the Spirit of Christmas until New Year’s Day. Donations are given for each ornament at a cost of $5. You can honor humans or pets; the Tree of Names and Lights does not discriminate.

Donations go straight to charity. This year, $735 was raised. It was split between South Pamlico Volunteer Firefighter Department and The Oriental History Museum.

Grace Evans revived the tradition of the Tree of Names & Lights in 2019. Meta Jones, her daughter, took over after Grace passed away. Meta writes in about the 2022 Tree.

Meta Jones stand near the Tree of Names and Lights as it is lit.
To wrap up this past year’s event ,I have so enjoyed my second run on this! The ceremony was so full of many emotions it’s something that just moves me and apparently a lot of others as well.

It is not easy to lose someone, I know this so very well over and over. Just take it one second at the time if that is what it takes, keep moving and taking good care of yourself as I know that “they” would want you to do. Put the negative energy into doing something positive and in time you will heal.

When I take in an order I take a moment and think comforting thoughts for all family and friends, those in Honor of people or our 4 legged friends/family. I give a cheer and a thank you! I’ve said that there is something magical about this town and it’s people. Most are so helpful and giving and willing to help others. That is a wonderful thing! So many smiling faces that truly care about others as I have watched this since the early to mid 60s. Mom from the early 50s.

I learn something every year and am very inspired by Mom to reach out and continue on some of her work to keep the history of Oriental and its people alive and thriving in the present. I believe that I will not be choosing two charities at this year’s run. I will start after Thanksgiving and get a jump on it. And I certainly will not go on a family trip to the mountains for Christmas again however this past one was fabulous I have to say!!

So in closing I appreciate all of the donations that you have made – they are both very worthy charities. The total was $ 735 and will be split between first responders and the Oriental History Museum.

Take good care, Be well, Be happy Meta Jones

Ornaments not collected from the tree by friends and family are kept until the coming year.

These are the names on this year’s tree. Pets are in quotes. Numbers indicate more than one person requested the name:

Faye Bond
USN Lt. J G Brittney Slook
Tom Slook
Abigail Duncan
Oriental First Responders
Anne Sims
Laura Stanbrough
Michelle Fodrey
Elizabeth Cordes
Mary Helen Boone
The Town Dock Crew
The Rotary Club of Oriental
Delcine Gibbs
Dave Evans
Darrell and Bettie Gibbs
Jackie and Faye Mason
Jim Kellenberger
Leslie Kellenberger
Anne and Ben Sims
The Staffords
The Myatts
Pamlico County Community Foundation
“Ziggy- Ser Davos”
Oriental Veterinary Hospital and Staff
The Oriental Tree Board
Marsha Paplham
The whole Town Of Oriental

Karyn Hall
Jeffrey Chappell
Ellie Chappell
Wendy Farnsworth
Anita Cook
Taney B. Kaufman
Rose M. Kaufman
G M Anderson
John E. Antinori
Dottie Osmun
Barry Beauchamp
Brandon Raper
Keiko Raper
Eileen Price
John Liskowacki
Samuel Liskowacki
Hilda Moore
Joseph Birch
Edward Yanchok Sr
Howard Schnorrbusch
Zachariah Cregar
John Rynearson Sr
Lori Liskowacki
Michael Liskowacki Sr
Anna Liskowacki
Frances Cregar
Harry Cregar Sr
Ethel Cregar
Paul Hawkins
Bud Hawkins
Elise Hawkins
Virginia Vosburgh
Earl Vosburgh
Kevin Hindes
Ellen McVitty
Roy Pittman Sr
Ted Mead
Dottie Osmun
Raymond Tingle Sr
June Tingle
Norma Smith
Hubert Smith
Tyler Baxley
Carl Baxley
Steven Hale
Bill Sabiston III
Simmons Patrick
Suetta Scarbrough
Paul Wieland
Joe + Verna McGovern
Theresa Randall
Jerry McGovern
Diane Margrisi
Bill + June Graf
William E. Graf
Bill Boone
Sam Myers Sr
Chef Bob Miller
Basil Fawlty Myers
Mom Twyman
Karen Twyman
Connie Overcash
Bert Overcash
George Hurley
Bunny Godfrey
Dottie Osmun
Grace Evans
Yvonne Stevenson
Anna McCullough
June Dechant
Rosie Crandall
Teresa Shelton
Duncan Carmichael
Daniel L. Giro
John Barbee
Tibor Glant
Marcy Rice
Craig Coffman
Amy Daniel
Larry Wrightman
Melanie Daniel
Edie Godwin, Capt, MF, Red Beard
Alfred Ulvog
Ethan Schmidt
Dick Creighton
Ethan David Schmidt
John Bloom
Grace Evans
Marny Muir
C.B. Chappell
Donna Mannion
Christopher Griffin
Alton Edward Griffin Sr
Ory Day
Roy Day
Don Henderson
Wally Chapin
Kelly Cohen

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Posted Thursday January 5, 2023 by Allison DeWeese

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