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More (Air) Space, Please
Marines seeking room to maneuver
June 2, 2023

iving near a Marine Corps Air Station means seeing military aircraft in the skies. The Town and surrounding area (and the bombing ranges) are in restricted airspace, 24/7. It allows the military to practice in our skies (with some limits) as needed. Commercial or private aircraft can still fly in the area, but they have to ask permission.

Oriental’s restricted air space – outlined in blue.

Around that restricted air space are MOAs – Military Operational Areas. They’re like the restricted airspace, except scheduled. Private aircraft are allowed in when military aircraft are in the area – but it’s highly advisable not to be.

There’s a proposal before the Federal Aviation Administration to create more MOAs, west of what already exists. To try and understand what it all means for Oriental and Pamlico County, TownDock talked with John Rahm.

You may know him as Captain John Rahm, who writes on TownDock about all things nautical. Before that, he was Colonel John Rahm, pilot with the US Marine Corps. He knows more than a bit about the subject:

Read the full proposal here.

The FAA are taking public comments on the new MOAs until June 6, 2023.

Email them at 9-ESA-OSG-Public-notice@faa.gov or by postal mail at:
FAA Eastern Service Center
Operations Support Group (AJV-E23)
Military Liaison Officer
1701 Columbia Avenue
College Park, GA 30337

Posted Friday June 2, 2023 by Allison DeWeese

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