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Oil Spill Cleanup In The Harbor
Coast Guard investigating spill source
December 31, 2021

riday morning found a BoatUS crew from Morehead City deploying oil booms on Oriental’s harbor.



The crew was hired by the Coast Guard. A spill was reported Thursday, and the Coast Guard sent a crew from the U.S. Coast Guard Station Fort Macon. The Fort Macon station is tasked with investigating pollution issues. The Coast Guard told TownDock that they arrived Thursday night to initially investigate. The decision was then made that a cleanup crew would be needed.

The BoatUS crew deploys an oil boom.

Coast Guard MST (Marine Science Technician) Byrd, with Coast Guard Fort Macon, said they have not yet determined what the source of the oil spill was. They will be investigating today to determine the source.

A boom deployed to contain the spill.
MV Preacher Man sunk several days ago in the harbor.
This barge was putting in pilings this week at Point Pride Seafood.
With boom in place, oil absorbing mats were placed in the corner of the harbor where the wind had blown the spill. While the booms are in place, they are blocking access to the Oriental Marina Inn’s docks.
Oil absorbing mats in place behind the boom.
The booms have also surrounded a visiting sailing vessel at the town dock.

The booms will be in place for several hours today. While they are in place, they are blocking access to Oriental Marina Inn’s docks, and TownDock #1 on the harbor.

TownDock.net will be following up with the Coast Guard regarding the outcome of their work finding the source of the spill.

Posted Friday December 31, 2021 by Keith N. Smith

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