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Oriental's Ordinance On Animals
The Law We Already Have
February 2, 2005

Town of Oriental Ordinances
Chapter H

Article III – Animals – Disorderly Conduct and Public Nuisances

Section 1. Bird Sanctuary. The Town is recognized as a bird sanctuary.

Section 2. Animals at Large.
a) It shall be unlawful for any owner to permit his dog or cat to run at large if such animal is reported as creating a public nuisance, provided the Police Chief determines after investigation that the reports are supported by the evidence and provided that the Police Chief has notified the owner in writing of his findings. In such cases, and only in such cases, the owner must keep the dog or cat that has been found to be creating a public nuisance on his own property at all times unless the dog or cat is under restraint or is sufficiently near its handler to be under his direct control and is obedient to that person’s command.

b) The Police Chief may issue to the known owner or person having custody of any dog or cat, or to any other violator, a ticket giving notice of the violation of this Section. Tickets so issued may be delivered in person or mailed by registered mail to the person charged if that person cannot readily be found. The ticket issued shall impose upon the owner a civil penalty of $20.00 which may, in the discretion of the violator, be paid to the Town Administrator within fourteen (14) days of receipt in full satisfaction of the assessed civil penalty.

c) If the owner of a dog or cat or other violator does not appear in response to the above-described ticket or the applicable civil penalty is not paid within the time period described, a criminal summons may be issued against the owner or person having custody of a dog or cat for violation of this Article and upon conviction, the owner shall be punished as provided by state law.

Section 3. Vicious Animals. It shall be unlawful for any owner to keep any vicious, fierce or dangerous animal within the corporate limits unless it is confined within a secured building or enclosure, or unless it is securely muzzled and under restraint by a competent person who, by means of a leash, chain or rope, has such animal firmly under control at all times. Violation of this Section will result in reporting the animal to the Craven/Pamlico Animal Control Officer to enforce state laws regarding dangerous animals.

Section 4. Barking Dogs – Noisy Birds. It shall be unlawful for any pet owner to keep or have within a populated area a pet that habitually or repeatedly barks or makes loud continuous noise in such a manner or to such extend that it is a public nuisance.

Section 5. Keeping Swine. No person shall be permitted to keep or maintain any hog pen, or keep any hogs within the corporate limits.

Section 6. Fowls. No person shall keep or maintain fowls of commercial purposes within the corporate limits. No person shall keep or maintain for personal use, fowls located within three hundred (300) feet of any dwelling within the corporate limits.

Section 7. Densities of Animals within the Corporate Limits.

a) Except for preexisting situation existing before December 1, 1993, no person shall keep more than two (2) dogs and four (4) cats over the age of four (4) months on any lot or premises less than one acre. This Section shall not apply to pets kept indoors.

b) It shall be unlawful for any person to keep or maintain horses, cattle or other livestock within the Town, unless the horses, cattle or other livestock are kept, maintained or housed on at least one acre of real property with a ratio of no more than four (4) animals per acre of real property and are kept, maintained, or housed at least three-hundred (300) feet from the nearest dwelling.

Posted Wednesday February 2, 2005 by Keith N. Smith

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