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Pamlico County Receives And Delivers 500 Vaccine Doses
Who is getting them, and a look ahead
February 6, 2021

or the week of February 1, Pamlico County Health Department received 500 doses of the Moderna vaccine. Four hundred doses were meant for people who were getting the first of their two COVID-19 vaccinations. The other hundred were slated for those receiving their second shot. It was the most they’d ever received at one time.

In a press release Saturday morning, the Pamlico County Health Department (PCHD) explained how many vaccine doses they usually receive – for the first and second vaccination – and their methods of distribution.

Once a week, PCHD said they receive a “baseline” of 100 doses of the Moderna vaccine. These are all to be used as the 1st of two vaccinations. Sometimes this number is higher, as it was the first week of February, and sometimes it is just 100 doses; it depends on supply and demand.

Vials of vaccine lined up.

The Health Department also receives a weekly second batch of doses – 100 – 200 doses intended for the 2nd of two vaccinations. This number also varies depending on the number of people who need their second shot.

In Pamlico County, as in most places, there is more demand than there is vaccine. PCHD follows state guidelines as to who gets vaccinated first.

First in line are those in Group 1: Health Care Workers, those who have a high risk of coming into contact with the virus. Pamlico County is also vaccinating those in Group 2: citizens over 65. However, because there’s more demand than supply, PCHD is following state guidance and giving priority in Group 2 to those over 75.

For individuals between 65 – 75, there is a waiting list. It currently has over 1,200 names. When Group 1 and those over 75 are vaccinated, PCHD will begin then begin making appointments for the 65-75 crowd.

Group 2 is strictly age-based. PCHD says those 65 and older have a greater risk than other age groups, if they contract COVID-19. Underlying medical conditions are not factored in.

Group 3 is Frontline Essential Workers – those whose work is considered essential and must be present at their jobs. Group 4, Adults at High Risk for Exposure and Increased Risk of Severe Illness, is the only group where an underlying medical condition may affect your priority. Group 5 is the rest of the population.

In Pamlico County, PCHD is the only provider currently authorized to give the vaccine. However, some residents have been vaccinated outside Pamlico County in “mass vaccination clinics” or by their medical providers. Pamlico County Health Department says, “All vaccines are coming from the federal government, so individuals may go anywhere to get their vaccinations.”

The NC Department of Health and Human Services has set up a site to Find Your Spot to Take Your Shot.

To register for the vaccine in Pamlico County:
1. Fill in the vaccine registration form for PCHD, or
2. Email Pamlico County Health Department at c19vac@pamlicocounty.org, or
3. Call the Health Department at 252-745-5111, or
4. If you do not have a computer or need help registering, call the Pamlico County Senior Health Center at 252-745-7196.

Posted Saturday February 6, 2021 by Allison DeWeese

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